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Today we have a special Q&A video with one of our favourite bands, the rather wonderful Elucidate. Hear all about their music, their inspirations and their love of David Bowie and Star Wars.

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RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Bank Night - The Dream Song

Bank Night - The Dream Song A flowing song, with gentle rhythms and sounds, and while it may appear as a deceptively simple pop song, that belies the fact it's philosophical, about the reality of dreams versus the dream of reality. Expanded comment: If you like the idea of The Matrix, and being unable to separate dream from reality, what if *I* told you that your waking hours are the true dream - because it's the only thing which is perpetual?

Inspiration In Isolation by Bank Night

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Killjoy & The Cutthroats

Killjoy & The Cutthroats - Running Erroneously named one-man-band Killjoy & The Cutthroats play "gothic symph-pop": synth pop, using real symphonic instruments in the mix with a focus on darker sounds and imagery you might see in goth and post-punk genre, as evidenced by the skull and demon heavy earlier release "Running". #postpunk #gothic #musicrecommendation #musicvideo

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Helen Edgeworth - Shallow Needs

Helen Edgeworth - Shallow Needs Helen is a 20 year old singer-songwriter from Leeds. Shallow Needs, is a song about sexual violence against women and how the subject matter is portrayed and exploited in the media.
<a href="">Shallow Needs by Helen Edgeworth</a>


Redd - K-town "This song is for anyone that has ever experienced gut wrenching pain from time lost spent on someone that didn't return the favor; for those that have identified places with people--and those places have forever been changed. I was in a state of reflection when writing "K-town" because I finally got to a place where I felt grateful for those tough, hard, and overwhelming times--it has made me so much stronger in myself. I'm healthier. I'm happier. I make better decisions. And I bet that others feel similarly".

#indie-folk #americana


Neeq Serene - The Others 'The Others' explores the dimensions of self amidst the pressures of reality, through the use of simplistic, dark layered synths and progressive drum beats, keeping the emphasis on the melancholic narrative.

#triphop #chillstep #gothic #neofolk #IDM

TODAY'S LISTENING: The Sewer Buddies - The Pizza Song

Here's a concept that amused us a lot, Boston's The Sewer Buddies create comedic children's punk music. They play parties and events and thy'll even play your school. The track we have for you today is The Pizza Song - it may not be deep, but it is a tasty slice of fun.

Pizza Butt by The Sewer Buddies

LABEL RELEASE: Into The Dark - Volume Two

We are pleased to announce Into The Dark - Volume Two, the second in our Into The Dark compilation series, is now available. It features a terrific selection of darker tracks from some of our favourite bands, providing everything from electro-pop to classic goth rock.

The album artwork is based on an illustration by Daniel Hartlaub.

As always, all we ask is that you listen, then check out the individual acts and support their releases if you like them. Please also help by sharing your favourite tracks - spread the word!

Here's the tracklisting:
Adorns - With What Sacrifice
Salt - Junk
Day & Dream - A Study In The Pixels Of Your Face
ReveLever feat Shannon Maree - Play with the Fire
Burd - The Fix
Klammer - Baddest Blocks
Microcosms - Tightrope
Lune Rouge - Never Die
Kyenord - Skin
Alicka - Golden Flowers
NoLoveLost - Higher
Elucidate - H.I.M
From The Institute - Jet Black City
Last Tourist - Are We Just Algorithms?
Yv Salome - I Want to Die
Lijo - Push Me
Graphix - The Freak

The compilation i…

TODAY'S LISTENING: Ric Birtill - El Popo

You can probably gather from the cover artwork that this is going to be a slightly madcap affair - today we offer you El Popo by Ric Birtill.

Ric’s music is a patchwork of off-kilter folk, punk and comedy that has drawn in the plaudits from numerous sources. His deeply personal songwriting has many tongue-in-cheek moments alongside macabre themes; he is a songwriter who delights in the supposedly dull and mundane, concocting songs which have the ability to draw microscopic attention to otherwise seemingly trivial situations

Still undecided about giving the song a listen? Well, it features the lyrics "I could lower my genitals into the erupting Popocatépetl" - surely that'll swing it for you? Listen and laugh.

Pullin' a Sickie by Ric Birtill

TODAY'S LISTENING: Port Lucian - Full Control?

Today we have Port Lucian with Full Control? - a dreamy, understated track which somehow manages to become a gentle earworm. Philadelphia queer icon/ lofi pop outsider Portia Maidment has been making music as Port Lucian since 2017, playing with indie acts like Lala Lala, Sen Morimoto, Nation of Language and others. Please, give it a listen.

Full Control? by Port Lucian

TODAY'S LISTENING: Mashmellow - Share It

This is one of those great moments when an alternative track has a real pop sensibility, this is Share It by Mashmellow.

Mashmellow are a Moscow based indie-pop band. The band members Masha Shurygina and Egor Berdnikov were both born in the Far East of Russia. Egor is a member of a well-known Russian indie-rock band Hospital. Masha has a long history of acoustic live performances round Vladivostok.

A super-catchy song with a visually fantastic video. We just wanted to share it with you!


From Sweden we have Shadi G with a soulful pop track called Space. We liked the glitch element to the production which gives it an interesting approach.


Moscow born, Czech Republic raised and London based, this is Aiko with the video for her new track Down. As you will see the video is quite an energetic affair, jolly good song too!

TODAY'S LISTENING: The Sheratons - Raving And Drooling

This is Leeds based band The Sheratons with Raving and Drooling. It is their 3rd single and is one to jump around to whilst in isolation. Just don't do it if you're decorating, like the band did....with bare feet?

TODAY'S LISTENING: Venus Exalted - Great Mother

Gliding in gently but with dramatic magnificence, like a changing sky, this is Great Mother by Venus Exalted, the latest project from pianist, vocalist and composer, Adey Bell. A combination of classical, goth and folk tones, it is a very enjoyable 9 minute listen. Bonus point for the top hat!

TODAY'S LISTENING: Babe Punch - Wildfire

Starting the new month with a hefty slab of noise we have Nottingham's Babe Punch with Wildfire, their fourth single. According to the band "The song was written during a time of disillusionment and division in the UK and the rest of the world, particularly involving politics. We wanted it to serve as a reminder that while anger is valid and important, kindness and strength have to exist alongside it to really unite people". As protagonists of unity, we're pleased to share their song with you. Turn it up!


We are ending the month with a track called The Fix, the debut single from San Francisco based experimental punk/grunge band, Burd
Inspired by elements of shoegaze, 90s grunge and their general love for the macabre they provide this rather complete explanation about the track: "Dark and ethereal, this song transports you to the world in which you must inevitably face your shadows. It tells a tragic tale of feverish toxic love, escapism, hedonism, chasing extreme highs to mask the lowest lows. Have you made it to the pits of rock bottom? Do you want to somebody to meet you there? Welcome, come and join me. Together we can perpetuate the illusion, never admitting that we siphon our love from a finite dwindling well. How long can you make it last? Every last drop! Lets stay in purgatory as long as we can because even death is better then letting the fantasy slip through the cracks. Just one more hit please. Open to interpretation..."
We certainly love the combination of style…

TODAY'S LISTENING: Sidney Hulburd - Wild

A total pop tune for you today, another in our sequence of self-isolation songs, this is NY-based Sidney Hulburd with Wild, a vibrant production to remind you of the outside.

TODAY'S LISTENING: Liliac - Nothing

Today we have a genre which is new to us called "Vamp Metal", it is a song called Nothing by Liliac. What really piqued our interest was discovering that they are a family band; actually all siblings and their ages range from 12 to 21. Young goths, what's not to like!

TODAY'S LISTENING: Andrea Niane - When January Comes

Some great wordplay on this track by Norwegian-born, NYC-based singer/songwriter Andrea Niane. The song is called When January Comes and is a joy to the ears with its sophisticated simplicity. Quirky and honed to perfection, with a bonus point for using the word "minimalist". Give it a listen.

TODAY'S LISTENING: The Retrospecter - Relapse

This is The Retrospecter's first single, Relapse, as they explain "Relapse is a song that dives into the idea that many humans live in habitual self destructive patterns but they ultimately don't define us. Overall, I wanted to convey we can break through those patterns, but often it takes us getting to a dark and low place before we are finally ready to break the cycle. The video was made with over 4500 individual photos all compiled into video clips that are actually relapsing".

We must say that the video is an excellent piece of work and the song itself is an terrific art-pop production.

TODAY'S LISTENING: Ministry of Truth - This is the Way it Has Always Been

This is the Way it Has Always Been is the first single from Ministry Of Truth's new EP In Loving Memory of Man. It is a long, expansive instrumental track with lovely layers of sound.

Ministry of Truth is the one man project of Patrik Hellström, he creates create dark, ambient, melancholic, dystopian post-rock. Be sure to give it a listen!

TODAY'S LISTENING: Maia Miller-Lewis - It's Been A While

Another isolation-inspired song for you today, this is It's Been A While by Bristol's Maia Miller-Lewis. As Maia explains "This song was inspired by speaking to my friends and family about what they want to do once this crisis is over. It's about the little things that we took for granted and didn't realise we would miss once they were taken away from us". 
It is always good to have a positive song to help lead us towards better days. Enjoy!

<a href="">It&#39;s been a while by Maia Miller-Lewis</a>

TODAY'S LISTENING: Stratton 5 - Dread Boy

We have been very impressed by Hertfordshire's Stratton 5 with their second tune Dread Boy. The group are all 16 years old and the release comes across with a pleasing combination of confidence and craftmanship. In particular, it has an excellent vocal performance and the motif leading into the chorus is a cheeky moment of genius. Great stuff.

Dread Boy by Stratton 5

TODAY'S LISTENING: Tara-Bridget - Something Other

We have started to get some recordings inspired by self-isolation, here's such a song, it is Something Other by Tara-Bridget. It comes with a simple but effective video, which is worth watching even just for the amusing end.

Here's what Tara-Bridget has to say "In Brooklyn, New York City is where I've been left alone in isolation since early March - away from my lover, my friends, family. I'm watching the world from my window while I can't be part of it.

Finding solitude meant finding something beautiful - and I think working from the opposite ends of the city, we were able to do that."

Nice tune, super vocal, smashing video.

TODAY'S LISTENING: Day & Dream - A Study In The Pixels Of Your Face

It is always great when, out of the blue, you discover a new favourite band, namely Day & Dream. We started with their new single A Study In The Pixels Of Your Face and were so impressed that we went straight to their back catalogue to discover more. So much treasure was there waiting for us, it almost made this self-isolation a gift to allow us to listen to even more. The band describe themselves as 'forest explorers, stargazers, sleepwalkers, dreamers' - so if you like shoegazery served with hint of the night sky, go check them out. Will they be on our radio show in the near future? For sure!

A Study in the Pixels of Your Face by Day & Dream

TODAY'S LISTENING: Microcosms - Tightrope

Any song that uses the word "pirouetting" is usually an instant winner with us, with that in mind, here's Microcosms with Tightrope. It is a song about "frustration and mental gymnastics", very good it is, too!

TODAY'S LISTENING: Skippy - The Quiet Kind

Today we have a song about self-inflicted loneliness by Skippy called the Quiet Kind. Unusually, for a song about loneliness, it is rather upbeat. Enjoy!

TODAY'S LISTENING: Meggie Lennon - Ton Amour, Ma Bouche

We always like a song sung in French, so today we are pleased to have Montreal's Meggie Lennon with a rather fruity video for Ton Amour, Ma Bouche. Succulent and juicy, it is a rather sensual experience. Prendre plaisir!


Something a shade darker today, this is Salt with Junk, a song with an excellent vocal and deliberately menacing sound. As the band explain "It is inspired from the scene in Breaking Bad where Walter White watches Jess's beautiful girlfriend die".

Based in Edinburgh (UK), Salt are a four piece and feature members from the late 80s bands The Ruby Suit and Vatican Shotgun Scare. Taking the best from that era and giving it a modern sheen, this is perfect post-punk noise.
Junk by salt