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DANDELION RADIO: August Playlist

Rieserferner Buam - Get My Shoes Off Klammer - Spiral Girl CariƱo - Cancion Pop De Amor S T F U - The Liar Searmanas - Undo Nicholas Merz - Domestic Dispute Linda Em - Wild Fire David Ford - Let It Burn Japan - Gentlemen Take Polaroids The Perfect Kiss - Polaroid Dream  Bacon Horse - Tongues Cowcube - The Toothbrush Tune Dentist - Corked Social Station - Try (Cross My Heart) A Shoreline Dream - Projections Lost Chocolate Lab - Contents Floating (Radio Edit) Diane Marie Kloba - Took The Train Alone Visage - Night Train (Dance Mix)  The Connecticut Collegians - Letting In The Sunshine / Sittin' In The Dark / There's A New Day Comin' Shriekback - Shovelheads  The Room In The Wood - Dragonfly  BMX Bandits - Way Of The Wolf The Veldt - The Color of Love Is Blue  Linda Guilala - Mucho Mejor  The Parazone - Silent Man  Amyl & The Sniffers - Westgate  Les Baxter - Wheels  The Equatorial Group - Farewell My Lovely

You can listen here: Dandelion Radio on Mixcloud