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TODAY'S LISTENING: Adorns - With What Sacrifice

Those who follow us will know our love for music from the darkside, so it was a pleasure to hear the Adorns single With What Sacrifice, we like it so much that we've been playing it on our show. Give it a spin, you'll not regret it.
With What Sacrifice by A D O R N S

DANDELION RADIO: Our March Playlist

Coming up on our March show for Dandelion Radio we have some absolutely spiffing music from:
Neon Anesthetics
Oh! You Pretty Things
Yasuyuki Uesugi

With top tunesmiths Klammer in session.

All presented in our usual high-brow/low-quality manner.
More info here

TODAY'S LISTENING: Lijo - Stranger Danger

Hot on the heels of the magnificent Push Me, here is the always colourful Lijo with her new single Stranger Danger, with more hooks than a convention for shepherdesses, it is guaranteed to stick in your head long after you hear it. Once again the video is an absolute treat - we love her work and so should you!

TODAY'S LISTENING: Deserto Polar - À Deriva

A spectacular tune for you today from Brazil's Deserto Polar, the instrumental is called À Deriva and it is elegance personified. We love it, there's something rather joyous about how it flows.

Deserto Polar by Deserto Polar

TODAY'S LISTENING: Mully & Sculder - The Moon

This is The Moon by Mully & Sculder, it starts with a great bassline and develops into quite a swanky tune, with a great atmosphere. The song explores the feelings of alienation, isolation, and disconnection; within ourselves and with those around us; that can occur after going through a major life change while living in a technologically advanced society. With moody vocals, textural details and a sophisticated delivery, it is smashing stuff. Enjoy!

The Moon by Mully & Sculder


With Boomer Kara Cake and Max ‘Ming’ answering the questions..

Please introduce yourselves... 

We are Green Blanket and we come from the land down under specifically the Geelong/Surfcoast region. There are four members during role call and we have know each other most of our lives. The band formed about 4 years ago in a bedroom one winters evening.
How would you describe your music?  "Transformative and unforgiving" Long, loud, sometimes quiet, scattered and contained. Best of all it’s ours, to keep, to take care of, to discard, to love or get immersed in.

Why are you called Green Blanket?
Everybody needs a blanket to hide under, to keep you warm, to feel safe in or to wear as a cape....ours is green. It’s a juvenile antidote but I can guarantee whatever you think it means you are most likely incorrect!

Tell us about the creative process surrounding your releases?
We all have our own individual creative processes but I guess in general is pr…

TODAY'S LISTENING: Supercrack - Saturn Jacket

Today we have a song written by Oxford's Supercrack specifically for when you are driving along the M25, M40 and A41, between the hours of 11pm and 4am. The track is called Saturn Jacket and it is nicely brooding and atmospheric. Give it a spin!

TODAY'S LISTENING: Bones In Butter - The Impostor

From Serbia we have Bones In Butter with The Imposter, an upbeat tune with some hilarious lyrics including "You are as mad as a box of frogs" and "I wish Godzilla squashed your face".

Bones in Butter is Milutin Krašević, last man standing among a group of fellow musicians who shared a common vision to blend beautiful melodies and harmonies with the darkness and thoughtfulness of the Post-Punk era into a unique style.

Why the delicate anger in the words? Well, he once founded a band, had some moderate success with it, played a few shows and even recorded a CD. Exactly zero copies of it were sold. Not sure if that is the reason, but we've all been there!

The Impostor by Bones In Butter

TODAY'S LISTENING: Brighton Strangler - Paper Cuts

Here's another super cut (ha!) from Brighton Strangler's album Dancing Outrageous, the song is Paper Cuts and it sounds like somebody probably needs some pain relief at hand. Ouch!

Dancing Outrageous by Brighton Strangler

TODAY'S LISTENING: Omar Raafat - Hourglass

A classy instrumental for you today from Canada's Omar Raafat, the track is called Hourglass and is taken from his new album A Way Home and features piano, guitar, strings and synths. Beautiful and elegant, sit back, relax and enjoy.

TODAY'S LISTENING: Abby Reed - Maybe It's Me

We like a big, dramatic song and Maybe It's Me by artist, writer, engineer and producer, Abby Reed certainly meets that criteria, a powerful vocal with stripped-back piano backing. Smashing! Some of her darker, more experimental tracks show great promise as well. Have a listen.

TODAY'S LISTENING: Touboura - Odysseus!!!

Here's some wonderfully experimental electronica from Touboura called Odysseus!!! The video was shot at west marine Greece, where oil drilling is now being planned to take place. Touboura is supporting a petition to stop this happening. Please follow the links, if you would like to sign the petition.

TODAY'S LISTENING: Bygone Summers - Burnout

Lovely experimental noise alert! This is Bygone Summers with their new track Burnout, one of those tracks where it is certainly worth waiting around to hear the conclusion. The video should also keep you entertained - filmed over the course of just under two years, it was created by rediscovering and compiling the band's favorite memories with people who have left the strongest impacts on their lives. Prepare your ears for Burnout!

TODAY'S LISTENING: Funeral DJ's - Kiss of Death

From Colorado, this is Funeral DJ's with Kiss Of Death, a winning combination of dance and darkness with sumptuous synths and a noirish vocal. Like dancing on the grave of the 90s clubland scene.

Kiss of Death by Funeral DJ's

TODAY'S LISTENING: Greams - Nightmares

Today we have Greams with a fun, high-energy, electro tune called Nightmares. Greams is the alias of Amsterdam-based, Rome-born electronic music artist Lorenzo G. Please do dance along to the accompanying video, it is highly amusing.

TODAY'S LISTENING: Monalia - Somebody Else

Today we have a slinky pop tune called Somebody Else from the band, Monalia. The song is about finding yourself and the person you always thought you would be. When you wake up, realizing you have lost yourself on the way, and find that you are trapped in a prison of life limitations that you have created for yourself.
Monalia are a Norwegian indie-band with a characteristic dreamy and melancholic style. Their songs stretch from the dark and mystical, to the dreamy and melodic, inspired by the everyday joys and struggles we face as human beings. They call their unique style of music "mountain surf", an alternative rock genre influenced by the Norwegian nature, as well as music spanning the 1960s to 1990s.

Somebody Else is a classy tune, well produced with that wonderful Scandi freshness about it - have a listen!
<a href="">Somebody Else by Monalia</a>

TODAY'S LISTENING: Truth In Space - New Space Now!

Regular favourites on this blog, Truth In Space, have a fresh track out called New Space Now! - they describe it as "a nice tune that feels quite cosy and woozy, with an element of inter-dimensional exploration". Go on, fire it up and take it for a quick whirl.

New Space Now! by Truth In Space

TODAY'S LISTENING: Nora Self - To Remind Me

More electro-pop for you all today, we have the latest video for To Remind Me by Brazil's Nora Self. The song is about the passing of time, the meaning of life and the urgency for social change. To Nora, these three things are deeply intertwined.

Nora Self is a DIY pop singer and video artist. She began writing songs in 2012. Her music is a peculiar blend of electronic rock, goth aesthetics and female pop, with a bend towards a revolutionary vision. She believes social change is inevitable, and it will certainly require a really cool soundtrack.

TODAY'S LISTENING: Zariah - Only One

We were rather impressed by the maturity in the production on this song for someone obviously just starting out in the industry. It is pop with a slightly dark edge, the track is called Only One and comes from Australia's Zariah. Apparently Zariah has been writing ideas for her songs since was 10, that's something we always like to hear and this single showsher time has not been wasted. Give it a spin.

only one by zariah


We have some banging electronic music for you today in the form of DJ Tr!p with I Kill For You. The tune is a wonderful blend of styles, combining middle eastern sounds with bombastic percussion and satanic undertones. The video is quite eerie and fits the music really well. Available from Bandcamp etc - turn off the lights, turn it up and enjoy!