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EP REVIEW: Deaf - The Deaf EP

Deaf's 'The Deaf EP' impressed me from the very start, a collection of five deftly crafted songs that veer from thoughtful elegance to something more muscular and biting. At times they sound like a classic indie band from a time before the age of the internet, before the world became saturated and obese. There's real sophistication in the arrangements, alongside expressive vocals, some terrific guitar/bass interplay, you get rolling drums, ambient intros and just the right amount of synth augmentation. All five tracks stride along confidently and are equally as good as each other. A really terrific debut, I can't wait to hear more.

Top Tracks:  Dead End, Shards,Truancy. Release date:Out now

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DANDELION RADIO: January Playlist

Our January show on Dandelion Radio features the following acts:
The Beatbox Saboteurs - MF Knees Up
Sheaelisa - Quasimodos Tower
Knightingale - White Shadow
Teenage Wedding - Wow! Signal
Bad Ties - Shut It!
Necessary Animals - Necessary Animals
NoHealer - Testdrive (Crash Mix)
Esra Oygur - Uprising
Ivatu - I'm Her
Evi Vine - Sabbath
City Counselor - Mull It Over
Looner - Tell Them All
Softails - Typical Angst
Probably The Tornado - I
Arthur Riscoe with Orchestra - Follow The White Line
Wooden Shijps - Red Line
InSammer - Forsaken by God
Seisikhton - God Doesn't Like You
Blooming Fire - Bless My Heart
Fubar - Everybody
Mavissing! - Eye of Ra
Deaf - Truancy
Shark Gorilla - Get A Life
Noelle Micarelli - Complicated Spoon
Died - Fireman, Carry Me Home
Guide Dog - Dead Beat

You can listen here: Dandelion Radio - January 2019