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Our 2-hour November show on Dandelion Radio features the following:
Whispering Sons - Hollow K Michelle DuBois - Becoming Real Holly Golightly - Satan Is His Name AnaFxer - Resolve Manwel T - Ascension Verse 1 Uniforms - EDMP Accü - Crash To Kill LegPuppy - Twit Machine The Big Believe - Tania Was A Truthteller Carbon Poppies - Rain On My Face The Moors - Meltdown Whettman Chelmets - Preparation (Thesis) Istanbul Hippodrome - Diet Of Worms Todd Snow - Fading Away Into Itself Life As Surface Noise - The Night Watchman (Part 2) The Last Detail - Fun Fair Julian Winding - The Demon Dance Holygram - A Faction Goofy18 - Rage Against The Bitch (Session Track) English Minor - Busy Beaver Mute - Tiny Filth Sound Mirrors - Cosmology & Longing (Tapes & Transistors Mix) Future Sound Of London - Extruded The Venus Fly - Trap Icon Three Day Millionaires - The Snub Adwaith Lipstic - Coch Polly Panic - Shadow

You can listen here: Dandelion Radio on Mixcloud

ALBUM REVIEW: Clara Engel - A Shore Far From Any Prison

Every so often, when we are looking around for new artists to feature on our radio show, we accidentally stumble upon something unexpectedly wonderful. As far as I can remember, it was an innocuous Twitter posting from Clara which prompted me to go and listen to her on Bandcamp. What I discovered was a gentle, thoughtful and lovingly-crafted set of tracks. With the album 'A Shore Far From Any Prison' you get five dreamy, stripped-back, guitar & vocal recordings with an interesting lyrical quality. Intimate and contemplative, her voice almost fragile at times, this is the sound of a musician allowing us to glimpse into her world, and we thank her for that. Simply gorgeous.

'A Shore Far From Any Prison' is available here

Top Tracks:Abandoned Planetarium & Into Singing Flames.

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A Shore Far From Any Prison by Clara Engel


Graphix - The Twilight Assassin Lia Pamina & Dario Persi - Midnight Walk The Revillos - Jack the Ripper The Satellites - Things Neville & Sugary Staple ft Roddy Radiation - Rebel Down New Apostles - Stranger in the City Guitar PK - Psychomotor Ashley Reaks & Joe Hakim - Dead Legends Betty & The Werewolves - David Cassidy Whettman Chelmets - Annihilate Your Masters! The Beatbox Saboteurs - Crackers Xqui - Spark, Rekindled in Despair (Antriksh Bali Mix) Elizabeth Joan Kelly - Ghost In The Machine Emika - Run Clara Engel - Abandoned Planetarium Shock Therapy - Attack of the Giant Lobster Man LegPuppy - Meds & Beer Fenella Fielding - Rise Peter Cushing & Alida Valli - Play the Devil The Priscillas - All My Friends are Zombies Musta Paraati - Nacht der Untoten Xmal Deutschland - Incubus Succubus II Taurus 1984 - Dead Before Dawn Rachel M & Ceri Davies - The Devil's Hole Fear Is The Liar ft Christelle of Origin-X - Death Is Coming Max Carnage - Facepuke Life…

EP REVIEW: Whettman Chelmets - Alas​.​.​. The Sun is Shining and You are Still Alive

Whettman Chelmets is a recent discovery for us and we have really been enjoying his material over the last few weeks, that's why we have played a couple of tracks from 'Annihilate Your Masters' on our Dandelion Radio show. So, it was a welcome surprise when a new release by Whettman called 'Alas... The Sun Is Shining And You Are Still Alive' landed in our inbox for us to listen to. A set of three instrumentals with a distinctly spiralling sheen of blended guitar fuzz, these are possibly even more our cup of tea than the previous collection of tracks. Dirty noise with glacial elegance, yes please! Put the kettle on, Merriman!

'Alas... The Sun Is Shining And You Are Still Alive' is available here

Release Date: 02 November 2018
Label: Submarine Broadcasting Company

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Alas... The Sun is Shining and You are Still Alive by Whettman Chelmets

ALBUM REVIEW: Holly Golightly - Do The Get Along

Don't tell anyone, but I must admit that I have never listened to anything by Holly Golightly before. Not sure why, maybe the association with Audrey Hepburn (Breakfast At Tiffany's is one of my favourite films) has been too strong? Pity really, I have obviously been missing out if 'Do The Get Along' is anything to go by; it is a slick collection of twangy, string-picking loveliness. Slinky as a snake, punchy as a bar brawl; it plays like the soundtrack to your own retro-road movie. Put this on the jukebox and you'll be up on your dancing shoes as soon as it begins, not in a showy way, but in a grinning, hip-swinging way.

'Do The Get Along' is available here

Top Tracks: Satan is His Name, Do The Get Along, Lost.
Release Date: 16th November 2018
Label: Damaged Goods Records

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ALBUM REVIEW: Whispering Sons - Image

The intrigue starts with the cover artwork (by Flor Maesen), five naked bodies adorn two cloth-covered plinths - is it a still from an art installation or the aftermath of some debauched party*? Onto the music, then. It certainly is not party music in the traditional sense, but happily it is the type of party music you might hear if we had a little soirée at The Beatbox Saboteurs mansion. Dramatic, brooding and despondent, the tracks flow excellently, the slightly withdrawn vocals pulling you into the songs whilst the spidery guitars and vigorous rhythms caress your ears. Engaging and anguished, the Brussels-based outfit should be congratulated for upholding the standards of dark European music.

* No pun intended but 'Endless Party' was the name of the band's debut EP.

Top Tracks:Alone, Skin, Waste.
Release date:19 October 2018 Label:Cleopatra Records

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Our 2-hour October show on Dandelion Radio features the following acts: Ashley Reaks & Joe Hakim Betty & The Werewolves Clara Engel Elizabeth Joan Kelly Emika Fear Is The Liar ft Christelle of Origin-X Fenella Fielding Graphix Guitar PK LegPuppy Lia Pamina & Dario Persi Life As Surface Noise Max Carnage Musta Paraati Neville & Sugary Staple ft Roddy Radiation New Apostles Peter Cushing & Alida Valli Rachel M & Ceri Davies Shock Therapy Taurus 1984 The Beatbox Saboteurs The Priscillas The Revillos The Satellites Whettman Chelmets Xmal Deutschland Xqui
You can listen here: Dandelion Radio Player

VIDEO: Cariño - Bisexual

The splendid Spanish band, Cariño, have a new video out for 'Bisexual' a track taken from their forthcoming mini-album 'Movidas' which is due for release on Elefant Records. Rather oddly, we were on the edge of our seats as to whether the girls finished their IKEA unit. Another fun video! Expect to hear this on our December radio show.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Holygram - Modern Cults

'Modern Cults' is a lovely slice of dark noise from the German post-punk shoegaze outfit, Holygram. All chugging guitars, machine drums and gliding synths, it is just the sort of dystopian music to make both old and new goths happy. Perfect for travelling back in time to one of those smoke-filled 80s subterranean clubs with photocopied artwork plastered all over the cracks in the walls.

Top Tracks: A Faction, Distant Light, Signals.
Release date: 9 November 2018
Label: Cleopatra Records

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PRESS: Life As Surface Noise In The Papers

Life As Surface Noise made it into the papers the other day with an article about the new EP 'The Night Watchman' released via House Of Beauty Records. Tracks from the EP have already been playlisted on Dandelion Radio and Sheppey FM. If you fancy something slightly odd and spooky then it is available from Bandcamp.

VIDEO: Uniforms - EDMP

One of our favourite Spanish bands, Uniforms, have released a video for 'EDMP', the first single from their forthcoming album 'Polara'. The album is due for release later in the year on the Oso Polita label. Having supported the band since they were unsigned, we are eagerly awaiting their debut album. In the meantime, this video a tremendous taster.

Rathering excitingly, the band are also playing a festival at the end of October alongside Slowdive and Aphex Twin.

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