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Here's confirmation of the full playlist for our April show on Dandelion Radio
You can still listen/download it here
Winter Gardens  Coral Bells
Mammoth Penguins  I Wanna
Dadanaut   Arbeiterheer 
Obscenity State  Shine 
Whettman Chelmets  Alas....
Ernest Moon  Satdeenight Ready
Victor Silvester  A Mist Over the Moon
Einstürzende Neubauten  Yü Gung (Fütter Mein Ego)
Rivers And Suns  Fools
Evi Vine  My Only Son
SPQR  Our Mother's Sons
Flency  Punched Them
Secret Treehouse  Kind of Special
SPC ECO  Melancholia Mania
Alexandra Babiak  Crazy For You
The Shrubs  Run Run Uma
Newmeds  What's Your Problem? 
New Me  Something Green
Pipaluk & Cecilie Supernova  Mighty Trees
Symbion Project  At the End of the World
Transmission 13  The Edge Of The World
Paris Love-Child  Brass Band Bitches
Golden Gate Orchestra  Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue
Life As Surface Noise  The Night Watchman (Part 4)
Swimming Pool  April
Amyl & The Sniffers  Monsoon Rock
Redshift  Shine
Japan  Temple Of Dawn
Blackhill Transmitter  Tower
Arjen Schat  Messier 33
Ed Wynne  Glass Staircase