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RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Bitter Lithium - His Own Apocalypse

Bitter Lithium - His Own Apocalypse Bitter lithium is an emerging musician/composer/producer based in Barcelona. He began in the music scene in 2009, forming a trip hop/electronic music band, but after five years, he decided to continue with his solo project mixing different styles like electronic, folk, trip hop, grunge or dream pop. Bitter Lithium work the musicians Marc Antoli (production, voice) and Nuria Serra (voice).

LABEL RELEASE: Something Classical - Volume Two

Hot on the heels of Volume One, we are delighted to announce Something Classical - Volume Two, another collection of ten superb instrumentals with a classical feel.
As always, all we ask is that you listen, then check out the individual acts and support their releases if you like them. Please also help by sharing your favourite tracks - spread the word!

Here's the tracklisting:
01. Aiden Button - Sunset In Motion
02. Yasuaki Ishikawa - Vanitas
03. Barry Hudson-Taylor - Blossoms
04. Gray de Pape - Once We Were Dreamers
05. Omar Raafat - Hourglass
06. Mjorn - Weary Ghost
07. Re Mida - Crisalide
08. The Pianologist - Opium
09. Yasuaki Ishikawa - Vetur
10. Skreen B's Orchestra Of Fiction - In The City (Early Version 1)

The compilation is available to download/stream from Bandcamp plus all the main online platforms, simply click here.

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Got.Knees - Love Battle (A Century of Middle Class Love)

Got.Knees - Love Battle (A Century of Middle Class Love) Inspired by the events of World War I, the track contemplates pointless loss of many lives, futile sacrifice and the individual tragedy of millions.  Got.Knees is a UK-based solo project that makes strikingly intense yet melancholic music – a fusion of distortion-heavy guitars and whispering vocals that contemplate the state of inner self. Through interwoven sound effects, Got.Knees creates melancholic, reflective and eerie tones. Obsessed with every detail, Got.Knees explores the boundaries of alternative rock and ambient electronic music, entering its own space – lyrically and musically. Following a debut album Horror Vacui released in 2011, the solo act returns with newly inspired singles: The Ceiling, Read The Words, Bugs and Snails, and The Slide which unveil a complex and deeply emotional combination of sounds. Got.Knees is currently working on new material and will soon be releasing new music which superimposes structure …


Gushh - The Endless Wave "I'm a Bristol-based artist that goes under the alias 'Gushh'. Everything is done by myself; composing recording, mixing, mastering, and, artwork. Harnessing what I learnt from university into my project. Gushh is a project drawing inspiration from Shoe-gaze, Krautrock and Dream-pop. Revolving around the concept of looping elements and building tracks up whilst utilising old-timely samples from forgotten about pieces of media. Taken from the debut EP 'Surf n' Turf' which is set to be released later this year, 'The Endless Wave', as well as the rest of the EP, was written and recorded over 2018 during my final year at university."

<a href="">The Endless Wave by Gushh</a>

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Demeter - The Bit, The Bridle

Demeter - The Bit, The Bridle
Demeter are Kate Rivera, Ian McNally, Dan Bloch, Tim Bustle and John Mason.
"The Bit, The Bridle" is an apocalyptic dance-rock track reminiscent of The Strokes and Sunflower Bean with a chorus that makes you move. A catchy gem meant to get you through the nights that feel like the end of the world -- the chorus says, "Hold me like glass when it all goes down, 'cause it all goes down someday." It's about the voice of self-sabotage, turmoil, change, fear, and how we can turn to each other in vulnerability to overcome anything. “The Bit, The Bridle” is the follow up to the single “Rosa” and the second track of the upcoming The Year of Goodbye, an EP that deals with figuring out one’s path through story, song, and poetry, while mixed-race, female, and living in tumultuous times.
&lt;a href=""&gt;The Bit, The Bridle - Single by Demeter&lt;/a&gt…


Exito - Attention And all I can say about the track is "The best mistake".

Exito · Attention

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: The Idiot Nasty Group - Treat Me Like A Queen

The Idiot Nasty Group - Treat Me Like A Queen The Idiot Nasty Group are a punk rock band from Jakarta, Indonesia. "It's a song that contain lyric about treating women's right. Because we got women in our band, women in our family, women whom we loved, and any women should be treated like what we taught in this music."

Treat Me Like a Queen by The Idiot Nasty Group

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Hannah Stannard - Problems (The Acoustic)

Hannah Stannard - Problems (The Acoustic)
"My debut single 'Problems - The Acoustic' is probably one of the quickest songs I have written to date. I remember sitting down in my bedroom with just my guitar and some chords. I had so much to say that I had been feeling for such a long time I just didn't know how to say it. Then all of a sudden the lyrics and the melody was all there. I knew as soon as I wrote it this had to be one of the first songs I release as an Independent Artist. I hope people can connect to this song on as deep of a level as I did. It definitely helped me out of a rough patch. Seeing this song come to life has been one of the best parts for me with this track and I can't thank everyone enough who has streamed and downloaded it already. So a big massive thank you from me!"

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: The Sewer Buddies - Hard Times For The Boogey Man

The Sewer Buddies - Hard Times For The Boogey Man Don’t believe everything you hear Don’t believe everything you see If you can read, don’t believe everything you read! Check the closet, check under the bed Boogie, boogie, boogie Boogie, boogie, boogie Boogie man get out
<a href="">Butt Brains by The Sewer Buddies</a>


Eleandre - Lost In Ages "The idea of this track was to go straight to the point. This song is for anyone who has experienced disappointment or rejection from someone else. The chorus invites us to thank these people for what we have become, and also invites us to announce that we are now lost in ages. It's up to us to find our way back now."
<a href="">Lost in ages by eleandre</a>


Andrew Sloman - Le Rêve The video and song are a small reflection of the recent lockdown. Le Rêve is available to download from Bandcamp. The proceeds will be donated to Give India, a nonprofit platform that is helping families in India who have been affected by the recent pandemic.


&seb - New Blood
New single. New me. New Blood. by &seb

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: ReveLever featuring Shannon Maree - Play With The Fire

ReveLever featuring Shannon Maree - Play With The Fire
ReveLever is an artist from The Netherlands. The project is the brainchild of Randy Lever, a passionate artist and songwriter with a really distinctive attitude. His sound blurs the lines between 80s pop melodies and edgy new wave textures, going for a unique and direct feel. Randy started out as a drummer, playing a lot of pop, rock and metal. Throughout the span of his career, he became increasingly interested in synths and technology. The creative freedom of technology is absolutely unique, and the ability to explore different sonic ideas opened up many options for Randy, who eventually brought the ReveLever project to life in a very unique way.
For Randy, music isn’t just entertainment: it’s an important form of expression.The spontaneous and honest vibes of his works connect with listeners from all walks of life, who can relate to the artist’s unique, poignant, and charismatic style. ReveLever is all about combining hypnotic …

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Psyrena - Rainbows & Unicorns

Psyrena - Rainbows & Unicorns London-based Electronic Art Pop artist Psyrena aka Madeleine Wise offers a unique mix of electronica, cinematic scores and pop music. Blessed with a voice that can soothe or cut like a knife, she is both artist and storyteller, relating life's beauty and pain through her music, fables and imagery.
'Rainbows & Unicorns' is a highly infectious electro-pop anthem with a clear message to embrace diversity. Borne out of the frustrations of social distancing Madeleine Wise uses her imagination to enter an inner Technicolor dream world depicted in her wonderfully psychedelic video featuring a multi-instrumentalist octopus, her friend Mr. Bear and the ever so beautiful singing Flowerettes.
Having worked as a producer on Cartoon Network and [adult swim] animation, Manga and comic strips seem the perfect visual medium - Psyrena becomes her musical avatar. 
Madeleine explains: "I grew up devouring MTV & Nickelodeon. Right now we need to …


Ocean Onyx - Like a Bear Thriving strings gives the song its atmospheric soundscape with a twinkling metallophone which arrives in the ending. Together with the guitar picking, drums and bass – the song as a whole drags you into a pop-dreamy soothing soundscape. The song is produced by Anders Lagerfors at Nacksving studios in Gothenburg.
<a href="">Like a Bear by Ocean Onyx</a>


Lady Silver - As You Wish As You Wish' is our first single for 2020 and a follow up to our debut EP 'Ladies First' from 2019. Written on a rainy evening in Manchester and at a beautiful sunset in Tel Aviv, We wish this tune will take you right into our haunting Rock & Roll party.
Lady Silver is an alternative rock & roll band, influenced by British rock, funk and disco. Influenced by the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, Kasabian and The Strokes, they want to show that we can still dance to Rock&Roll.
“We hope our music will make your hips move in the evening, soften the loneliness of the night time, and help with Sunday morning’s hangover. Whatever it is, don’t take us too seriously and just enjoy the music.”
Their debut EP Ladies First was released in early 2019. By the start of 2020, they recorded two singles from the upcoming album. 'As You Wish' was the first to be released. The second single, 'Want You For Mysel…

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: 10 Songs For CAB - Charity Compilation (Various Artists)

10 Songs For CAB A compilation of original tracks by Eastbourne based artists.
All proceeds go to Citizens Advice Eastbourne. 
Every year, this local charity helps thousands of people find ways to overcome to problems they are facing. With a large team of volunteers, they help bring in millions of pounds of additional income to the people of the town and help protect the vulnerable. They also campaign to improve the services and policies which affect people's lives. 
During the coronavirus lockdown, the team have switched to home working and have been helping people deal with the sudden impact of job losses, debt and navigating the benefits system to get the vital support they need. 
Fundraising activities which were planned for the spring and summer have all had to be cancelled. This led to the CA10 challenge, an alternative way to raise money through a series of sponsored activities and this album is one of those challenges.

Read all about it here:…