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TODAY'S LISTENING: Ugly Clinic - Pink Speed and Tequila

Time to ramp it up a bit, this is Ugly Clinic with Pink Speed and Tequila. Ugly Clinic are a 5 piece punk/rock band from the North East of Scotland. Their motto is "Don't be a cynic and join the Ugly Clinic!". Go on, give this one a shot!

TODAY'S LISTENING: Rhaina Yasmin - Lights On

A gentle start to ease you into a new week, this is Rhaina Yasmin from Las Vegas with Lights On. There's a line in the song which goes "watch the whole world disappear from a window", very apt at this time. Hope you like it, we certainly do.

TODAY'S LISTENING: Ágúst Gústafsson - Close My Eyes

In these times spent in self-isolation, mainly staring at the walls, it is great to remind ourselves of the outside and this video certainly does that. It is for a track called Close My Eyes by Iceland's Ágúst Gústafsson. The song is about a woman, Ágúst plays all the instruments and perform the main vocal with some extra help from a female vocalist called C.C White. Good tune, beautiful scenery, but remember to keep your eyes open for this one!

TODAY'S LISTENING: Yellow Dudes - Twitter Makes Me Sad

We're off to Mexico today for some lovely guitar jangle with a summery feel from Yellow Dudes with Twitter Makes Me Sad, taken from their Parking Spot EP. A song about sadness that makes you happy, surely worth a listen!

Parking Spot EP by Yellow Dudes

TODAY'S LISTENING: From the Institute - Jet Black City

Today we have a rock duo from Buenos Aires, Argentina called From The Institute with a snappy goth/guitar tune entitled Jet Black City. Looking suitably gloomy in the video, they are Mario Crestanello (Voice/Guitar) and Jennifer Potter (Bass). Quite a catchy number. We like!

TODAY'S LISTENING: World Wild Web featuring Tritha - Long Tail Dusk

This is an excellent dub track called Long Tail Dusk by World Wild Web (aka Manuel Jesus), it features Indian singer Tritha. Play it once and you instantly want to play it again.

TODAY'S LISTENING: Corde Oblique - The Moon Is A Dry Bone

You want drama? You want something compelling? Well, this one is for you - the track is The Moon Is A Dry Bone by Corde Oblique and it is a corker. The music is like a deranged orchestra of goths, the video is like a perfect film noir dream sequence. Absolutely terrific.

TODAY'S LISTENING: Sequence Killer - Encumbered

Some lovely crunchy noise for you today from Toronto's Sequence Killer with Encumbered, taken from the Marauder EP it is well worth a listen. Great artwork, too. Play it loud, but wash your hands afterwards.

TODAY'S LISTENING: Your Labour - Ran

This is Ran by Your Labour - with spooky piano, booming bass and a general swamp of textured sound, it is an interesting listen.

As Your Labour explain "The song was recorded while living and working at this quiet and very large hilltop house on a horse ranch in the middle of rural Washington. The woman who owns it was never there so it was very isolating. Weeks long stretches would pass without interacting with any person until an electrician or something would come by. I would just take care of the property and her dogs and do a lot of landscaping. It was a dream job really. And it was so lush and green and always raining.

There, I juxtaposed the calm natural environment I was surrounded by with darker moods and kind of industrial sounds while making music."

Your Labour EP by YOUR LABOUR

TODAY'S LISTENING: Uniforms - Casi Famosas

In worrying times, the arrival of Casi Famosas, the new single from one of our great loves, the Spanish band, Uniforms, is a real delight. It has really put a massive, much-needed smile on our faces, even the slightly bloodthirsty video made us grin. Wonderful to have some new material, a joy to have them back. New album in the pipeline - marvellous!

TODAY'S LISTENING: Senivoda - Mama

Another track from Australia, this time an enjoyable fusion of sounds to celebrate the wonder of Mother Earth with Mama by Senivoda. The track opens their album Dream & Water - enjoy!

Dream & Water by Senivoda

TODAY'S LISTENING: Devils Kiss - At Least You Tried, Kid!

Here's some robust guitar noise from Australia's Devils Kiss with At Least You Tried, Kid! Not bad for a first single, pretty catchy and it should certainly get you rocking around the room.

TODAY'S LISTENING: Laz Berelow - An Entertainment

Short and punchy, this is An Entertainment by Laz Berelow, simple and quirky, it somehow manages to get under your skin. Enjoy!

<a href="">An Entertainment by Laz Berelow</a>

TODAY'S LISTENING: Export - Eaten By The Sun

Another slightly perplexing video for you today, this is Eaten By The Sun by Export. Controlled noise and aggression with a trippy presentation - interesting stuff! Looking forward to hear more from them in the future.

TODAY'S LISTENING: Becca Forever - Millennium

This is one of the oddest submissions we have received in recent times, the track is Millennium by Becca Forever. Apparently the track is "an ode and epitaph in which one man's forward-thinking propels his now-lost family into a dimly imagined future". The combination of audio and video is quite mesmerising.

TODAY'S LISTENING: Grichu - What You Say Is a Lie

Today's track is a catchy slice of electro-pop from Grichu with What You Say Is A Lie, a song about having disastrous dating experiences. Grichu is an electronic musician, singer-songwriter and dj based in Montreal.

As Grichu explains: "I used to think that I was not meant to have a boyfriend. I'm a hardcore introvert, and I really dig being alone for long periods of time, making weird noises with my computer, fiddling with some sexy midi controllers. Even having a cat is too much company for me. Wanna know what it’s like to date as an introvert? Watch this!"

Go on then, schadenfreude away!

TODAY'S LISTENING: Chuck W. - Claustrophobia

Here's something electronic and experimental, a combination which tends to pique our interest, the track is Claustrophobia by New York's Chuck W. Good to hear something odd from across the pond, it could almost be European.

Small World by Chuck W.

TODAY'S LISTENING: Thomas Imposter Records - M1 x1 (Compilation)

Our friends at Thomas Imposter Records have a new compilation out called M1 x1, it features a thumping selection of electronic dance tunes from around the globe. Well worth a listen if you feel like bouncing around  the room for an hour - Fd Up by Zebar is especially good.

M1 x1 by Thomas Imposter Records

TODAY'S LISTENING: Peaness - Kaizen

Today we have a big new Peaness single called Kaizen to share with you, a track we enjoyed playing so much on our radio show, that we nearly forgot we were doing a radio show. Fresh, joyful and full of cheek - a change for the good. Here's the video for you to enjoy.