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VIDEO: A Permanent Shadow - Empty

Direct from Barcelona here's a fun-packed video by A Permanent Shadow for their track called 'Empty'. Thankfully, the video is full-on!

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LISTENING: Luna Harley - Citrus Afternoon EP

It is hot here in Blighty at the moment, all very un-British, so it is rather pleasant to be listening to the new, fresh and calming Citrus Afternoon EP by Luna Harley. Check it out, it is a lovely collection.

Citrus Afternoon EP by Luna Harley

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VIDEO: Buddhi de Mal - Shot from Behind

Here's an ultra-cool animated video from Buddhi de Mal for the new release 'Shot from Behind'.

VIDEO: Drooligan - The Weather

What could be more British than a song about 'The Weather' recorded with a dodgy keyboard sound? What's not to love? Please enjoy the new video from Drooligan

VIDEO: Oliver Marson - Cocaine Romance

Here's a new release with a fun retro styling in both sound and video presentation - 'Cocaine Romance' by Oliver Marson.

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VIDEO: Lisasinson - Barakaldo

From our friends at Elefant Records, here's Lisasinson's video for Barakaldo. Apart from the great power-pop tune, we like their dancing.

LISTENING: The Perfect Mess - We Take Control

Just heard this track from Swedish band, The Perfect Mess, it is well worth a listen and check out their YouTube channel as they have also made some great videos.

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VIDEO: Summer Of Blood - Rotten Fruit

Raucous track with a fun video, here's Summer Of Blood with Rotten Fruit. You can also find it on Bandcamp etc.