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LISTENING: The Cordial - Black Hole

Good tune here from The Cordial with Black Hole, like some old school indie with a modern sheen.

Black Hole by The Cordial

LISTENING: Crimson Brooks - Good Side

Freshly released is this top tune called Good Side by Russia's Crimson Brooks. It certainly is very much on the good side!

Good Side by Crimson Brooks

LISTENING: Dadanaut - Introspektion (Album)

Delighted to see the return of Dadanaut, the new album Introspektion is out now. Head over to Bandcamp to download a copy. Terrific artwork, as always!

Introspektion by Dadanaut

VIDEO: Seratones - Gotta Get To Know Ya

Something lively and full of vibrancy for you to watch and hear, this is the Louisiana-based quintet, Seratones with Gotta Get To Know Ya. It is taken from the new album, Power, which is released on August 23rd through New West Records.

LISTENING: States Of Nature - So It Goes EP

Fancy some angular indie rock n roll? Check out the new So It Goes EP by States Of Nature - we're rather partial to Infinity, it gets wonderfully noisy at the end.

So It Goes by States Of Nature

VIDEO: Cohenovich - Down/HEIGHTS

This is quite a long track called 'Down/HEIGHTS' by Cohenovich, but the video is very absorbing and works really well with the delightfully spangly music.

LISTENING: Alex Travers - Parasitoid

Here's a classy track called Parasitoid by Alex Travers, we love how the sound gradually builds. Give it a listen.

Chrysalis by Alex Travers

LISTENING: Dan Rochester - Ablaze

Here's another great instrumental track by Dan Rochester, this one has the title Ablaze.

LISTENING: Heléna - Holes in Her Eyes

Something slightly experimental for your ears, this is Heléna with Holes in Her Eyes. Sounds good so far, hoping to hear more tracks in the future.

VIDEO: Dadanaut - Essenz

We are rather partial to Dadanaut, so we're glad to share this video for a new track called 'Essenz'. Even better news is that there's a new album in the pipeline, it is called 'Introspektion'.

LISTENING: New Wolves - Same 2 Songs

Here's a top tune from New Wolves called 'Same Two Songs', love the artwork, too! Have a listen.

Same 2 Songs by New Wolves

VIDEO: Prophecy Playground - Spirit Yawn

We rather like this video for 'Spirit Yawn' by Prophecy Playground - it works really well with the music. A simple but clever treatment.

LISTENING: Dan Rochester - Falling Leaves

Here's a really delicate guitar-based instrumental called Falling Leaves by Dan Rochester - enjoy!

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LISTENING: Father Of Sam

We have really been enjoying the track Wolves by Father of Sam, check out the track and the full album on Bandcamp.

Sam's Tantrum by Father of Sam