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VIDEO: Obscenity State - Shine

Another great song and video to share with you, this time from London it is Obscenity State with their new single 'Shine'. We hope to hear a lot more from this band in the coming months, they look very promising to us.

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VIDEO: Winter Gardens - Coral Bells

Yesterday, one our special agents gave us the heads-up about a local band called Winter Gardens and after watching the video for their new single, 'Coral Bells', we were rather impressed. We are pleased to say that we have already made contact with the band and will, hopefully, be able to play the track on our show in the very near future. It is a corker!

The single is available on limited edition coloured 7" vinyl from Austerity Records.

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VIDEO: Pindhar - Toy

You may have heard us playing a terrific track called 'Toy' by Pinhdar on our radio show? Well, Pinhdar have just released this video to promote the track and it is absolutely wonderful. All done in one-shot, much like the motion of the camera, the visual really draws you in. We love it when the video is as good as the music.

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DANDELION RADIO: March Show Recording

On Saturday, after first enjoying some lunch at the Yummy Noodle Bar, we recorded our March show for Dandelion Radio. Further information will be announced shortly, but we can say that the 2-hour show includes a special 'Postcard From Japan' section courtesy of Lee (Thomas Imposter Records) and kiYOmi (from Astro-B). We are hoping to include more special features and sessions in the coming shows as they are always great fun.

TRACK: Evi Vine - Sabbath

We are rather fond of Evi Vine on The Beatbox Saboteurs' show and this corking track called 'Sabbath' really hit the right note with us. Taken from the album ' Black Light, White Dark' it is a complete stormer!
To add to the interest we have just noticed that the track was produced & mixed by Dave Izumi at Echozoo Studios, Eastbourne - just up the road from where we record the radio show. Small world.

Anyway, here's the rather worrying video.

TRACK: Esra Oygur - Uprising

This enjoyable piece of neo-classical music featured in our January show, it is 'Uprising' by Esra Oygur.

TRACK: Necessary Animals - Necessary Animals

In our January show, we were incredibly happy to bring you a tremendous track called 'Necessary Animals' by the band, Necessary Animals. It features the actress, Ingvild Deila, on vocals and is taken from their album 'Necessary Animals'. The album features our very own Mr Blu, we highly recommend the vinyl edition!

More information:

Necessary Animals by Necessary Animals

TRACK: Bad Ties - Shut It!

Here's some beat poetry in the form of 'Shut It!' by Bad Ties, another track playlisted in our January show.

More info here:

TRACK: Teenage Wedding - Wow! Signal

As played in our January show here's Teenage Wedding's 'Wow! Signal', another track we've included on our 'Players - Volume One' compilation.
More info

Players - Volume One by Teenage Wedding

TRACK: Knightingale - White Shadow

A rocking good track from our January show, here's Knightingale with 'White Shadow' - so good we've included it on our 'Players - Volume One' compilation.
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Players - Volume One by Knightingale

VIDEO: Uniforms - Gris

Rather wonderful to see a new video from the rather splendid Spanish band, Uniforms. 'Gris' is taken from their album 'Polara'.

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TRACK: Shealisa - Quasimodos Tower

As played in our January show here's Shealisa's 'Quasimodos Tower', great track!

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DANDELION RADIO: 2018's Festive 50 Results

The full results of the Festive 50, the infamous end of year poll, are now available here and it is very pleasing to see quite a few of the acts that we've been playing being included in the list. Thanks to everyone who voted and congratulations to all the acts who made it onto the list!

DANDELION RADIO: February Playlist

Our February show on Dandelion Radio features the following acts: Analogue Electronic Whatever Arjen Schat Cheerbleederz Forest Crows Future Sound of London I Am A Rocketship Inkblot Astronaut Kai Orion Karelia's Discord Kro┼če Mac Quayle Mary May Moonlight Waves Nat & The Noise Brigade One Friend Orbital
Pinhdar Rache Silvermouse Tangerine Dream The Beatbox Saboteurs Uniforms

You can listen here: Dandelion Radio Player