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Please introduce yourself... 

Hi! I'm Pankin. I'm bass & vocal of GOOFY18. I'm playing with the drummer Migi. We are Tokyo based two piece rock band! And I am also an event organizer. I'm working with a team named "Main actor is U!!" Our event is small and unique!

How would you describe your music? 
Effect laden bass sounds over frantic free drumming, tied together with pretty harmonies and a power pop sensibility.

What are you doing at the moment? 
Our 7" vinyl has been released in September. We are preparing the recording for the next release. And next year, we would like to go to England, so we are collecting funds for that.

What is the best thing about making music? 

For me, that's a feeling of dissatisfaction to myself, to the environment, to the society.

You are only allowed to keep one of your tracks, which one would you choose and why? 
"LOVE&WAR". Because I want to continue exercising. Please watch our music video and exercise together.

How involved are you in the creative process surrounding your releases?  

I'm making all the songs and lyrics. Our recording engineer is Hajime Miki. Satoshi Miyazaki drew some jacket illustrations. I also edit music videos. Release in Japan is from Main actor is U!! RECORDS. This is the label I started up.

Tell us about your inspirations? 

The performance of two piece bands around the world is exciting. The artists I was influenced by are: The Prodigy,The Mad Capsule Markets, Boom Boom Satellites.

What good and/or bad decisions have you made?I choose the favorite thing without having an unnecessary thought.

What does the future hold for you? 
I have no idea what will happen to me.That's just fun! But I'm only worried about my life in Japan...

How would you save the World?
With the power of music and alcohol, we can become one.

How Can We Be Lovers If We Can't Be Friends?*
Believe in the power of money.
* Question supplied by Spray

What question should we ask the next act to receive these questions? 
What are the obstacles to cultural exchange?

Favourite Things:
Menopause by Soft Ballet

Dragon Ball

Sleepy Hollow

Evil Empire by Rage Against The Machine


Goofy18's new limited edition 7" single I Wanna Be An Instagrammer / Love & War is available from Green Banana Records on 13 September. Copies also available from the Rough Trade Shop in London.

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