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Aprilann - Bad Friends “Bad Friends is about facing your bad friends, in your head and in real life, as you try to break the habit of hanging out with them. I think a lot of people deal with this ongoing struggle but it stays hidden because it’s a heavy topic to talk about. It was a hard song to finish because of that, but I hope when people hear the song and watch the video they can relate and feel more confident addressing the bad friends in their life.” - Aprilann

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: The Burger Tunes - Too Far Gone

The Burger Tunes - Too Far Gone This song is part of a 20-min post apocalyptic themed music mix. The whole mix is inspired by similar themed video games and tv shows.

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Istanbul Hippodrome - The Other Side

Istanbul Hippodrome - The Other Side A terrific album full of electronic wonders, hopefully you've heard us playing tracks from it on our radio show and podcast.
Formed in 2016, Istanbul Hippodrome make darkly beautiful electronic/guitar music. A formidable live band, have played in and around London and south of England.
<a href="">The Other Side by Istanbul Hippodrome</a>

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Barry Hudson-Taylor - Simplistic Complexities

Barry Hudson-Taylor - Simplistic Complexities The whole song was recorded in 1 take throughout. All recorded using close-micing techniques, It's a very intimate and hypnotic track that blends lyrical cello lines and gentle fluctuating piano melodies. I wanted to create a euphoric musical canvas that entices the listener in.
<a href="">Simplistic Complexities by Barry Hudson-Taylor</a>

DANDELION RADIO: September Playlist

Coming up on our September show for Dandelion Radio we have: Exito The Idiot Nasty Group Yasuaki Ishikawa Istanbul Hippodrome The Jungles!!! Keller Machine ReMission International Monophona Polarized Eyes System Machine Winter Gardens Zebar

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Grissu - Police Academy

Grissu - Police Academy A cool little song to praise these funny film gems.
<a href="">Police Academy by Grissu</a>


Poor Traits - Stay Up The song is about Alex Badgers first encounter with MDMA and how it changed her life from that one night her and her boyfriend stayed up all night dancing.
Poor Traits is a Vancouver British Columbia based female fronted Alternative Indie Pop/Rock group formed in 2014 with band members Alex Badger (Vocals), Taylor Roberds (Guitar) and Kyle Thomas (Bass). All their music to date is self recorded, produced and released Independently. Poor Traits are geared to demonstrate the depth of their sound by pouring out their hearts and into their music.
&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;a href=""&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;Stay Up by Poor Traits&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Colorful People - Footsteps

Colorful People - Footsteps This story is about escaping from a reasonably self-created bubble of fear back to our combative and courageous self. Colorful People is a czech-slovak multigenre duo, who met at Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory in Prague, Czech republic. In Fall 2020, they are gonna release their debut album called '2O2O', which may surprise you with its unusual and fresh combination of pop & soul intertwined with elements of funk, gospel, reggae, electro and alternative music.


Jackson Gaines - 5 AM '5 AM'' is about the experience of dealing with a difficult past and how to move forward. Jackson Gaines is an independent songwriter from Athens, Ga.


Vol de Nuit - L'arène "L'arène" is the very first title of Vol de Nuit, and is part of an upcoming 5 track EP. The song is a concentrate of atypical indie rock, soaring, and perfect for our nocturnal wanderings. The chorus, very rhythmic, is held on two notes and the sound atmosphere is particularly heady. The accompanying clip features stylized images depicting disturbing night scenes.

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: System Machine - In Dust We Trust

System Machine - In Dust We Trust In Dust We Trust is the first track by industrial/dark electro outfit System Machine from their forthcoming 4 track EP 'Confirm Humanity' which will be available to download and stream from September 2020.
System Machine are an industrial/electronic rock band based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The band express socially conscious views in their songs. They draw heavily on their influences whether it's electronic pioneers Kraftwerk, Cabaret Voltaire, Industrial artists such as Nine Inch Nails, Throbbing Gristle, Ministry and Skinny Puppy or bands like Rage Against The Machine, Pop Will Eat Itself, White Zombie and Sisters of Mercy as well as several other punk, metal, grunge, electronic and indie artists.


Hootgun - Jorriz "The voice mail is my daughter who was messing about with a tiktok effect. I thought that it sounded great so nicked it😀 . After finishing the original mix, decided to do a stripped down 'ambient' version and a radio edit for the release, inspired by 12"vinyl that have a few mixes of a track on them. I'd been going through my record collection, mixing ,passing time at the start of this "lockdown" we've all been going through and it obviously influenced me. The Radio edit payed off too, with airplay on BBC introducing here in the UK. Finally the name? Well I guess that was influenced by lockdown too as "Jorriz" is what my son calls our prime minister. "Jorriz Bonson" (Boris Johnson)"
Jorriz by Hootgun


Path - Firmament Shimmering waves of fuzzed guitar echo in meditative bliss. Path has been producing music since 2011, and has released 4 albums worth of material on Bandcamp. Whilst active in dream pop and post-hardcore bands since the late 90s, Path is using this solo vehicle to explore hybrids of experimental electronica, trapgaze, future funk and minimalist drone.

Double A Side by Path

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Keller Machine - Keller Dome

Keller Machine - Keller Dome
You’re into New Wave. Post Punk. Disco. Dub. Trojan. Space noises. Head nodders. Foot stompers. The records that rip. The songs that must be played LOUD. The song that played at that party and EVERYONE smiled. We’re into that. If we can make the track that’s just a small part of that, then we’re good. KELLER MACHINE. KELLER MACHINE. KELLER MACHINE. SILVER PROTEIN. Keller Machine is the new band formed by Sam Day and Ad Donovan.
Keller Dome by Keller Machine

PODCAST: New Episode On The Casimir Engine

I have put together a quick podcast for The Casimir Engine featuring some of the spiffing new music that I have been spinning on my Edi over the last few weeks. The featured compilation comes courtesy of the excellent Thomas Imposter Records and you'll hear top tunes from Istanbul Hippodrome, The Idiot Nasty Group, Gray de Pape, Anergy, Polarized Eyes, Rickerly, Exito and The Jungles!!! I do ramble on about butterflies and skirting-boards, but you can ignore all that.

The full playlist is:

Anergy feat Ash Vapor - Society
Exito - Attention
Gray de Pape - Once We Were Dreamers
The Idiot Nasty Group - Treat Me Like a Queen
Istanbul Hippodrome - Split Personality
Istanbul Hippodrome - Batch Swetch
The Jungles!!! - Boozer
Polarized Eyes - Inferno
Rickerly - The Stem Grows from the Cranium

Available from The Casimir Engine

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Fashion Bird Danger Danger - Chemtrail Bae

Fashion Bird Danger Danger - Chemtrail Bae Fashion Bird Danger Danger are John Wlaysewski (Late Cambrian) and Matthew Milligan (Wheatus), they make experimental pop and post rock with special guests: Olive Hui, Lisa Hammer, Levi Wilson.
Chemtrail Bae by Fashion Bird Danger Danger