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DANDELION RADIO: Festive 50 Voting

Carrying on the wonderful tradition originated by the greatest DJ in the history of mankind, John Peel, this year's FESTIVE 50 voting is now open on Dandelion Radio.

That means YOU can vote for YOUR favourite THREE tracks from 2018.

Voting ends at 23:59 on 30th November, then all the votes are counted and the poll is announced on Christmas Day.

Use your votes wisely as you can only vote ONCE for your THREE favourite tracks.

More details are here: Dandelion Radio Festive 50

VIDEO: Diane Marie Kloba - Took The Train Alone

Diane Marie Kloba has just released a video for 'Took The Train Alone' from her recent album 'Deep Heart'. The song is a particular favourite of our's and you might recognise it, as we included it on the playlist for our August show.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Cariño - Movidas

As regular listeners to our radio show will know, we are rather partial to Spanish acts, with Cariño being one of the bands we have been enjoying immensely this year. There is something rather refreshing in their effervescent approach to indie-pop. 'Movidas' is Cariño's new mini-abum, released as part of Elefant Records' 'New Adventure In Pop' series, it features 'Canción De Pop De Amor' and 'Momento Inadecuado' from their excellent first single, plus a further six new recordings. With jangly guitars and bright synths throughout, like the sun glistening on the sea on a summer's day, each track and lyrical story, sparkles with charm and warmth. Concise and constantly endearing with a cheeky, subversive twist, 'Movidas' is a genuine treat. 

'Movidas' is available now on download & numbered-limited-edition 10" pink vinyl.

Top Tracks:Canción De Pop De Amor, Bisexual, Momento Inadecuado. Label:Elefant Records

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ALBUM REVIEW: The Sun Aesthetic - Holly

The Sun Aesthetic's album 'Holly' comprises of six gentle instrumentals; each one a delight in its own right, but together, they flow seamlessly. There's a thoughtful, almost music-box quality about them, simple yet intricate, the tickling rhythmic patterns carry you along in a bright, carefree manner. Grab yourself a coffee and a pastry, then sit down and play this whilst looking out the window. Have a moment to yourself. 
Top Tracks: Fall, Leaves.
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Holly by The Sun Aesthetic

ALBUM REVIEW: Adwaith - Melyn

I have been trying to get my hands on Adwaith for a few months now. No, not because they've been scrumping from the orangery or doing anything mischievous; I just wanted to hear them and play them on our radio show. Finally, after a little persistence, a copy of their album 'Melyn' (for the ignorant, like me, that's Welsh for "Yellow") landed with me and...(faux dramatic pause) was well worth the wait.

The first thing that struck me was the variety in sound and texture, it was much, much more engaging and experimental than I had expected. The second dawning was that, not being very literate in Welsh (I only know 'bore da' and 'traed bach'), I had no idea what Adwaith were singing about, even the track titles were a complete mystery. But that was the beauty, the Welsh language is poetic and that gives the vocals a wonderful, natural flow.

I was expecting a collection guitar-led tracks, but Adwaith don't do indie-by-numbers, there'…