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LABEL RELEASE: Highly Curated - Volume One

For 2020 we have started a new series of compilations called 'Highly Curated', these collections are slightly more concise than our usual compilations, which should give us the ability to release fresh tracks more frequently. The tracks we include on the Highly Curated series are considered by us to be the best of the best new material we have had the pleasure to listen to in recent weeks.

As always, all we ask is that you listen, then check out the individual acts and support their releases if you like them. Please also help by sharing your favourite tracks - spread the word!

The first volume of the series is now available to download/stream from all the main online platforms including:

Bandcamp  |  Spotify  |  Apple Music  |   Amazon Music  |

Here's the tracklisting for Highly Curated - Volume One:
01  Salty Greyhound - Dog's Mouth 02  Elucidate - Panic Room 03  Oh! You Pretty Things - This One's To You 04  Frozen Fountain - More Weight 05  Alkanes - Death Or Gl…

TODAY'S LISTENING: The Randys - The Charlatan

Today we have The Randys with The Charlatan, taken from their For All the Little Birds EP, it is a fairly straightforward alt-rock tune but the powerful vocal performance really makes it shine. A great production.

TODAY'S LISTENING: Easy Jane - Destiny

We have a new release all the way from Belgium for you today, the single is called Destiny and it is by Easy Jane who describe themselves as "Belgian rock tainted with Middle East vibes". The track is taken from the album Manic Mood which was recorded in Beirut with all tracks composed and developed by a single Belgian member supported by additional Lebanese and Syrian rockers. Delightful and dark, here's the video.

TODAY'S LISTENING: Renay - Inspire Me

Something rather stylish today, this is the video for Renay's single Inspire Me. Based in San Francisco, Renay is a pop artist, singer-songwriter, producer/engineer with Bolivian/Dutch roots. The single is a slick slice of pure electro-pop and the accompanying visuals are just gorgeous. Be inspired!

TODAY'S LISTENING: Christian Stokkmo & Bent Roads Tavern - Sweet Mirona

There's a rather touching backstory to this release by Christian Stokkmo & Bent Roads Tavern. The band formed in 2001 as a seven-piece college rock act in Vancouver and were active in the bar/college scene from 2001 to 2003. Since that time, the band fragmented and reformed in different configurations and under different names.

Sadly, last year, one of the founding members of the band, Christian Stokkmo, passed away. As a tribute to their brother-in-arms and more than 16 years after they last played together, the original surviving members of the band reformed to record Sweet Mirona, a previously unreleased single written by Christian. The single is accompanied by a rather poignant video. Well done to the band for coming together to record this wonderful tribute, music is the best therapy.

TODAY'S LISTENING: Cars On Mars - Summer

Here's a song dedicated to all those people trying to reach better shores - the track is called Summer and it is by Italy's Cars On Mars. It is a bright number with a solid groove and an excellent video. Lovely artwork, too. Not bad for their first single. Enjoy!  

TODAY'S LISTENING: Cow - Happy Birthday

A special track to celebrate the day, this one will lure you in and then stab you in the ears, it is Happy Birthday by Liverpool's Cow. Apparently the song was written after the storm of a breakup. It is an ace track, full of emotion and noise, taken from their All My Friends Are Dead To Me EP. Spin it!

TODAY'S LISTENING: Yellow Dudes - Parking Spot

Today we have some rather jangly, old school indie for you, originating from Mexico this is Yellow Dudes with Parking Spot. It should have you spinning around the room a bit, make sure you check out their full EP.

Parking Spot EP by Yellow Dudes

TODAY'S LISTENING: Elucidate - Panic Room

We have been really impressed with the Reading-based band Elucidate since hearing some of their tracks last year, Panic Room is their latest cut and it shows a real maturity in their songwriting.

Panic Room was inspired by the feeling of not being sure that you’re making the right decision and feeling like the safest option is to just give up rather than power through. The band wanted to write something that resonated with all those people who don’t feel like they can do it or want to give up.

Elucidate are one of those emerging young bands who are already creating music which excites us, there's always an underlying quality to their recordings and we will certainly be championing them if they carry on in the same manner. Enjoy!

TODAY'S LISTENING: Abi - Nealy's Room

We love receiving music which defies genres and Nealy's Room by Abi certainly impressed us with its experimental approach. Apparently Abi wrote it shortly after meeting a beautiful strawberry blonde haired woman who melted her while gently waiving an incense stick back and forth in front of her face. The song is quite mesmerising, it is a pity not more songs come from such amusing backstories. Enjoy this one.

Wear a Hat Night Mixtape by Abi

TODAY'S LISTENING: Become The Sky - Pictures

Liverpool's Become The Sky return with a gorgeous new track called Pictures, once again Anne Marie Howard's intimate vocal is beautifully performed and the instrumentation is an understated joy. We are certainly looking forward to hearing more over the coming months.

Pictures by Become The Sky

TODAY'S LISTENING: One Year Dive - In This World

Here's some offbeat electro-pop for you from Israel's One Year Dive with In This World. Taken from the forthcoming album 'One Year Dive', the song is fairly simplistic in its approach (a great example of 'less is more') but with some nice shadows of menace in the sound, we really like the vocal. Graceful and elegant, just like us.

One Year Dive is Ran Jurgenson, a multi-instrumentalist musician, producer and video artist. He is best known for his work as a drummer for cult group "Infectzia", pioneering the Israeli progressive scene, and as an accomplished session drummer.