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With Boomer Kara Cake and Max ‘Ming’ answering the questions..

Please introduce yourselves... 

We are Green Blanket and we come from the land down under specifically the Geelong/Surfcoast region. There are four members during role call and we have know each other most of our lives. The band formed about 4 years ago in a bedroom one winters evening.

How would you describe your music? 
"Transformative and unforgiving" Long, loud, sometimes quiet, scattered and contained. Best of all it’s ours, to keep, to take care of, to discard, to love or get immersed in.

Why are you called Green Blanket?
Everybody needs a blanket to hide under, to keep you warm, to feel safe in or to wear as a cape....ours is green. It’s a juvenile antidote but I can guarantee whatever you think it means you are most likely incorrect!

Tell us about the creative process surrounding your releases?
We all have our own individual creative processes but I guess in general is pretty subconscious although here’s a bit of a breakdown: human experience + mood = genesis > + band input = song skin & bones > critique and edit = SONG!

First record was pretty much all our songs from the birth of the band and that was recorded over 3 days in our band room. Our upcoming album was more of a thought out process and was recorded throughout last year. It took way longer however it came out pretty good I think.

What are you doing at the moment?
I’m at work doing this interview instead of working haha, however in life I’m just trying to not be a rat amongst the rat race.

You are only allowed to keep one of your tracks, which one would you choose and why? 
Jargon. It is the funnest song to play live, it takes you on a trip and I think all of us can zone out and into depths of the dark void that is Jargon.

Tell us about your inspirations? 
Inspirations for all of us can range from other musicians and artists to the sound of a key unlocking a door or the way a leaky tap drips.

What good/bad/bizarre experiences have you had? 
We have been very lucky and had excellent recording experiences with excellent people with an honest and genuine approach. Gigs on the other hand have been mainly great, however there are few bands out there who don’t pay or steal gear and that is always a bit disheartening. Many bizarre experiences from having unexpected electrical faults- Max getting shocked- plastic shoes solved that issue, playing surrounded by a moat in ski gear, having people kicking in walls, or the rare occurrence of idols at our gigs (definitely a coincidence...Kim please call me xo haha).

What does the future hold for you?
Hopefully a future! That would be the best outcome! As long as we continue to have fun and create our own path we will be pretty chuffed with that.

Favourite Things:
Kara - Space Oddity by David Bowie
Max - A Tribute to Jack Johnson by Miles Davis

Kara - Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
Max - Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

Kara - Tideland 
Max - The Shining

Kara - Broken Column by Frida Kahlo 
Max - Man Driving by Ben Oliver

Kara - An ashtray in the shape of a owl I inherited from my grandmother 
Max - Gretsch Silver Falcon Guitar 

Green Blanket's second album ‘Who am I talking to?’ is due for release early 2020.

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