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LIFE AS SURFACE NOISE: Biographical Compost

Life As Surface Noise have a new single out called 'Biographical Compost' (see video below). Available from 1 May on all the main digital platforms plus a limited edition 7" vinyl. Here's the Bandcamp link.

LISTENING: 100 Year Party Court - The Taxidermist's Daughter (Single)

Just been listening to this new discovery, I especially like the lyrics.

The Taxidermist's Daughter by 100 Year Party Court


Here's a list of the acts we have playlisted on The Beatbox Saboteurs' Dandelion Radio show for May:
AIST Anti Pasti Benny Goodman Blarg Charlie Steel Croak Gaffa Tape Sandy Guide Dog Kingdom Of Reptiles Life As Surface Noise Liza Vishnya Luka Mammoth Penguins Marc Smith & Safe n Sound Nil Pinhdar Red Light Effect Swimming Pool Symbion Project The Barbarian Horde The Beat The Specials Thy Veils Transmission 13 Winter Gardens


Here's confirmation of the playlist for our March show on Dandelion Radio.  You can still listen/download it here

Network 23 - Firecracker Romain and the Cowboy Surfers - Yellow Shadow Adwaith - Y Diweddaraf Los Blancos - Cadw Fi Lan wht.rbbt.obj - Silence GrĂ¡nat - Oy U Divoyky Sir Robert Orange Peel - Scammer Zolton - Noise Electric Elektric Animals - Wake Up The Ghost Aloysius Scrimshaw - Racist Ghost Ivory! - You One Friend - Sharks Bo-Peep - Hello Anone - Kikurage Plastics - Delicious Emulsion - Dream Encyclopedia Phnom Penh Model - Speed Zarigani$ - Monster Astro-B - Never Ending Fucking Story Keepers At Noon - I Want to Be Your Robot Istanbul Hippodrome - Dreamland Maigin Blank - Love Will Tear Us Apart Xqui - Epiphany The Heavens - Birth of the Vampire Kibrom Birhane - Eskista Life As Surface Noise - The Night Watchman (Part 3) Joe Loss & His Orchestra - Tiggerty Boo