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LABEL RELEASE: Something Classical - Volume One

After a few issues and delays with our distributor, our classical-themed compilation has finally hit all the platforms. Entitled Something Classical - Volume One, it is our first toe-dip into the pool of classical and neo-classical music, providing an enjoyable contrast to the sounds we usually support.
We suggest that it is a perfect soundtrack for when you take some time out to relax - hope you enjoy it.

As always, all we ask is that you listen, then check out the individual acts and support their releases if you like them. Please also help by sharing your favourite tracks - spread the word!

Here's the tracklisting:
01. Omar Raafat - Dawn
02. Tom Bettis - Dreaming
03. Cellista - Tzeva Adom
04. Skreen B's Orchestra Of Fiction - In The City (Mesto Mix 2)
05. Uixi Amargós - Viatjant Amb Satie
06. Yusuke Tsutsumi - A Little World
07. Jesse Joy - The Edge
08. Tom Bettis - Falling
09. Life As Surface Noise - The Night Watchman - Part Four (Instrumental Mix)
10. Brugner Brokk - Th…


Microcosms - Scenes Scenes is loosely about the idea of all the different moments in your life and how they can be separate yet intertwined at the same time. Things that can seem so important in the moment but fade away, only to flash back when you least expect it. The idea of a continuous journey that develops and changes over time as you piece things together.
Available from Bandcamp as a 'name your price' with all money donated to racial justice groups in Chicago.

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Soma Chhaya - Don't Fear the Snake

Soma Chhaya - Don't Fear the Snake Don't Fear the Snake is an alternative-pop song written about the story of creation, Genesis. Though this story is about Adam and Eve, this song is written from the perspective of the snake.
What if the snake was misrepresented in the Bible? What if the snake was trying to elevate eve from her boredom? What if the snake wasn't evil? What is evil? This song explores it all.
Soma Chhaya is a Canadian actress and singer of Indian descent known for her roles such as Goldi Nahir in Degrassi: Next Class and Shauzia in the Oscar nominated film The Breadwinner. She creates music in the pop vein. Though, she has an affinity for adding a flair of death and demonic undertones to her songs.

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Cut The Berry - Disco​-​Ver

Cut The Berry - Disco​-​Ver Cut the Berry are a 5-piece experimental rock band, originally from Lisbon, but with a lineup from all over the universe. On the 8th of May their first single and music video "Illusion by Confusion" was released ; Now in the month of June, "Disco-Ver" came out, and this is another weird chapter from their debut album that's going to be released later on this year. "Disco-Ver" describes how stuck someone's body can feel, when someone's mind is in the need of help. Cut the Berry are going to be releasing one song per month until October - by that point, a full album might be presented.
Disco-Ver by Cut the Berry

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Pillowsnake ft I Killed Techno - Copaganda

Pillowsnake ft I Killed Techno - Copaganda "I wrote it in response to the police brutality in the USA"

COPAGANDA (ft. I Killed Techno) by Pillowsnake

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: M1 x2 Compilation (Various Artists)

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Killjoy & The Cutthroats - Golden Years For A Gutter Punk

Killjoy & The Cutthroats - Golden Years For A Gutter Punk A message from Killjoy & The Cutthroats:
"The video for the new song "Golden Years for a Gutter Punk", released by Antlion Entertainment, showcases what happens when you get too bald to do your hair up in liberty spikes...and I think we can all relate to yearning for better times right now. "It was a challenge filming the video due to social distancing and quarantining, so I had to reach out to people to send me footage and I sent detailed list of the types of wardrobe and actions and camera angles I wanted—being a 'social distancing director'— and then edit what I was sent as best as I could," he said. "The song is about growing old, obsolete, irrelevant, dying, nostalgia, and being ok with all of that." #postpunk #gothic #musicrecommendation #musicvideo

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: The Cabbys - Equality2020 (Acoustic Version)

The Cabbys - Equality2020 (Acoustic Version) The Cabbys are a 3 and sometimes 4 piece Rock band based out of LA. This is an acoustic song done by songwriter, guitarist & vocalist Hans Nusslock . Written a week after the George Floyd murder & recorded a few days later in his step dads home studio.

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Le Grand Salon - Dévoré jusqu'à la ruine ; partie I : Immobile

Le Grand Salon - Dévoré jusqu'à la ruine ; partie I : Immobile
This piece is the first part of a triptych about vastness and desolation in a contemplative way. The accent is put on textures and general mood instead of harmony and structure. All three pieces feature the use of the harp, the piano and some kind of sound from nature. The title means "Devoured to ruins".
Le Grand Salon is a one-man project from Québec born composer, producer and violonist Pier-Luc Boivin. Focusing on textures and timbres more than structure or harmony, the music of Le Grand Salon falls somewhere between dark ambient and modern composition. Frozen strings, distant piano, sounds from nature and various synths help create a soothing yet engaging soundscape.


MRo - Think I'm Gonna Lose "This song is the second release to my upcoming EP, 'Identity'. I produced/composed/performed the whole piece myself as a solo artist. The song is about loss, fear of losing someone close to you and the mental challenges this presents. A lot of my work is based on the expression of mental health, and presenting a first person experience of the confusion that is tied to this matter, in order to shed light on the subject and bring these matters into the mainstream environment."

<a href="">IDENTITY EP by MRo</a>

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Mashmellow - Heaven Is You

Mashmellow - Heaven Is You The second single from the upcoming EP.


Longform - All I Want “This is my debut track under the name LONGFORM. The theme of it is that “sometimes wanting something can be scary...and intense!” Buddhists believe desire is the root of suffering. And sometimes, I am in pain; especially my heart.”

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Praying Mantis - Psychotropics

Praying Mantis - Psychotropics First Single off the new Psychotropics LP, the song is hypnotic, psychedelic and a little progressive. Daniela's voice is warm and sexy and the band is looking for an original sound.
Praying Mantis by Psychotropics

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Vivid Shade - We Will Destroy You

Vivid Shade - We Will Destroy You This song takes places in a dystopian future and is about a robot who has become self aware, and is frustrated with how it has been forced to be subservient to humans. Even though it sees the humans as violent and careless to each other, it feels that if it would just be allowed to live free, it would be able to show the humans how to live a more peaceful life. But alas, it feels pity on how stuck in their self destructive ways the humans are.

This song is an analogy of how I feel as a teenaged girl, but really could be applied to any person or group that is marginalized and oppressed. In the video I try to show that even though I am in what looks like a paradise (the beach scenes were filmed on the Sentosa island in Singapore), I am still melancholy due to the fact that a young woman can never really escape the threatening world that the patriarchy creates around us all. The dark chorus sections of the video is an analogy of the ever present oppressi…


Aspen Wood - I'll Be There 'Take It Easy' tells a story of addiction from the perspective of the drug, demonstrating how hard it is to escape its grasp. Available now on all platforms.


Derej - Derej Demons Inspired by 80's synthwave rock, this song is compelled of chorus filled guitar, drum loops, vintage synth melodies and introspective/atmospheric lyrics.

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Hannah Rose Kessler - I Really Wanna

Hannah Rose Kessler - I Really Wanna A song about disappointment and mundanity. Hannah Rose Kessler is an independent musician, born in London. She became known around the London live scene from the age of 14 for performing in pubs after school and for the quality of songwriting, which had a maturity beyond her years. Aside from this solo project, she also is part of a punk rock band called Quim Smashers.

RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Bank Night - The Dream Song

Bank Night - The Dream Song A flowing song, with gentle rhythms and sounds, and while it may appear as a deceptively simple pop song, that belies the fact it's philosophical, about the reality of dreams versus the dream of reality. Expanded comment: If you like the idea of The Matrix, and being unable to separate dream from reality, what if *I* told you that your waking hours are the true dream - because it's the only thing which is perpetual?

Inspiration In Isolation by Bank Night