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VIDEO: Portnoy - Spotified

We have been enjoying this amusing little ditty from Portnoy for quite a few weeks now, it is finally out today and here's the video.

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VIDEO: Jack and the Other - Passin Through

Here's a great video for 'Passin Through' by Jack and the Other, see what you think.

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LABEL RELEASE: Waverunner - Skyline

Pleased to say that we have decided to make the 2004 album 'Skyline' by Waverunner available on Bandcamp. It features a selection of tracks recorded after the Cuban Boys fizzled out, including official remixes of Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Astro-B and Toby Slater (ex-Catch).

Skyline is available here

Skyline by Waverunner

VIDEO: The Bergamot - One Mile

This is a terrific animated video which accompanies 'One Mile', a very thought provoking track by The Bergamot.

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VIDEO: Traccula - Puppies On Death Row

Here's an off-the-wall video for 'Puppies On Death Row' by Traccula, apparently the animation has been done by Traccula's 14 year old sister. If that's true, we're rather impressed.

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LISTENING: Emma Grace - Peach Tree (EP)

Enjoying the 'Peach Tree' EP by Emma Grace today - available from Bandcamp. Check it out!

Peach Tree by EMMA GRACE


PINHDAR Please introduce yourselves... 
Hi! We are Cecilia (vocals) and Max (guitar and production).  We've been making music together for years. We started in 2003 with the rock band Nomoredolls. With NMD, we recorded 3 albums and toured the world, especially the USA.
In 2010 we stopped our band and founded A Night Like This Festival, an independent music event held here in northern Italy. But we couldn't live longer without making music so here is the duo PINHDAR.
How would you describe your music? 
We tried to melt the styles we love:  rock and electronic from the early '80s with the Trip Hop that came later. Someone said our music is "trippy".

What are you doing at the moment? 
Cecilia: We've just released the Videoclip of our single "Toy" and soon the album "PINHDAR" will follow. It's actually already available on all the major platforms as we speak...
We're happy of the Video because it's closer…

VIDEO: Kempt - Commune

A track that we've already earmarked to play on a future show, here's the video for 'Commune' by Kempt. They have done some great tracks as well - find them on Soundcloud.


We have provided a remix, under our Life As Surface Noise guise, for the new Astro-B single HelloW I Love U. Recently released by Thomas Imposter Records from Tokyo, Japan, the remix appears on the flipside, a track called Techno Maniac Cowboy. A limited edition 7" clear vinyl is available. Yum!

VIDEO: Mary May - Song For Eunice Kathleen

Mary May has a great new video out for 'Song For Eunice Kathleen' - simple but effective, we like it a lot. Smashing tune too.

LIFE AS SURFACE NOISE: New Demo Track 'Pictures'

Over the last couple of days, we have started recording a demo for a new Life As Surface Noise tune. We are only in the early stages of the process at the moment, but we have given it the working title 'Pictures'. As usual Blu is putting the music together, but unusually Skreen is trying to write some cheerful words. Ha!

LISTENING: Spray - Failure Is Inevitable (Album)

Just released, here's Spray's new electro-pop album Failure Is Inevitable - being fellow bandmates from the Cuban Boys' days, it is well worth a spin.

Failure is Inevitable by Spray

LABEL RELEASE: Electronic Space - Volume One

Don't forget to check out our wonderful compilation of space-themed music called Electronic Space - Volume One - you will find it on all the main online platforms, you can also download it from Bandcamp on a 'name your own price' basis.

LISTENING: Submotile - Ghosts Fade On Skylines (Album)

Glorious noise from Submotile, a new band to us, but this album gets better with every spin.

Ghosts Fade On Skylines (LP) by Submotile

LISTENING: Clara Engel - Where a City Once Drowned (Album)

Today's gem is the new album by Clara Engel called Where a City Once Drowned: The Bethlehem Tapes Vol. II - music doesn't get much more wonderfully floaty than this.

<a href="">Where a City Once Drowned: The Bethlehem Tapes Vol. II by Clara Engel</a>

LISTENING: Cristina Quesada - Think I Heard A Rumour (Album)

Today it has been sunny so we have been listening to some joyful bubblegum pop in the form of Cristina Quesada's new album Think I Heard A Rumour released by Elefant Records.

Think I Heard A Rumour by CRISTINA QUESADA


Here's confirmation of the full playlist for our April show on Dandelion Radio.  You can still listen/download it here Winter Gardens  Coral BellsMammoth Penguins  I WannaDadanaut   Arbeiterheer Obscenity State  Shine Whettman Chelmets  Alas....Ernest Moon  Satdeenight ReadyVictor Silvester  A Mist Over the MoonEinstürzende Neubauten  Yü Gung (Fütter Mein Ego)Rivers And Suns  FoolsEvi Vine  My Only SonSPQR  Our Mother's SonsFlency  Punched ThemSecret Treehouse  Kind of SpecialSPC ECO  Melancholia ManiaAlexandra Babiak  Crazy For YouThe Shrubs  Run Run UmaNewmeds  What's Your Problem? New Me  Something GreenPipaluk & Cecilie Supernova  Mighty TreesSymbion Project  At the End of the WorldTransmission 13  The Edge Of The WorldParis Love-Child  Brass Band BitchesGolden Gate Orchestra  Five Foot Two, Eyes Of BlueLife As Surface Noise  The Night Watchman (Part 4)Swimming Pool  AprilAmyl & The Sniffers  Monsoon RockRedshift  ShineJapan  Temple Of DawnBlackhill Transmitter…