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LABEL RELEASE: Something Classical - Volume One

After a few issues and delays with our distributor, our classical-themed compilation has finally hit all the platforms. Entitled Something Classical - Volume One, it is our first toe-dip into the pool of classical and neo-classical music, providing an enjoyable contrast to the sounds we usually support.

We suggest that it is a perfect soundtrack for when you take some time out to relax - hope you enjoy it.

As always, all we ask is that you listen, then check out the individual acts and support their releases if you like them. Please also help by sharing your favourite tracks - spread the word!

Here's the tracklisting:
01. Omar Raafat - Dawn
02. Tom Bettis - Dreaming
03. Cellista - Tzeva Adom
04. Skreen B's Orchestra Of Fiction - In The City (Mesto Mix 2)
05. Uixi Amargós - Viatjant Amb Satie
06. Yusuke Tsutsumi - A Little World
07. Jesse Joy - The Edge
08. Tom Bettis - Falling
09. Life As Surface Noise - The Night Watchman - Part Four (Instrumental Mix)
10. Brugner Brokk - Things Left Unsaid

The compilation is available to download/stream from all the main online platforms including:
|  Bandcamp  |  Spotify  |  Amazon Music  |