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LABEL RELEASE: Into The Dark - Volume Two

We are pleased to announce Into The Dark - Volume Two, the second in our Into The Dark compilation series, is now available. It features a terrific selection of darker tracks from some of our favourite bands, providing everything from electro-pop to classic goth rock.

The album artwork is based on an illustration by Daniel Hartlaub.

As always, all we ask is that you listen, then check out the individual acts and support their releases if you like them. Please also help by sharing your favourite tracks - spread the word!

Here's the tracklisting:
Adorns - With What Sacrifice
Salt - Junk
Day & Dream - A Study In The Pixels Of Your Face
ReveLever feat Shannon Maree - Play with the Fire
Burd - The Fix
Klammer - Baddest Blocks
Microcosms - Tightrope
Lune Rouge - Never Die
Kyenord - Skin
Alicka - Golden Flowers
NoLoveLost - Higher
Elucidate - H.I.M
From The Institute - Jet Black City
Last Tourist - Are We Just Algorithms?
Yv Salome - I Want to Die
Lijo - Push Me
Graphix - The Freak

The compilation is available to download/stream from all the main online platforms including:
Bandcamp | Spotify | Apple Music | Amazon Music |