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LABEL RELEASE: Players - Volume Two

Just a reminder that our second general compilation Players - Volume Two is now available. Released via our own micro-label, House Of Beauty Records, the album features tracks from some of the acts that we have been playing on our Dandelion Radio show.

The purpose of the album is to help spread the word about all the acts, all we ask is; if you like the music, please support the acts' own releases.

The compilation is available to download/stream from all the main online platforms including:

Bandcamp  |  Spotify  |  Apple Music  |   Amazon Music  |

Here's the tracklisting:

01 wht.rbbt.obj - Silence
02 Necessary Animals - Necessary Animals
03 Zolton - Noise Electric
04 One Friend - Fall
05 Alexandra Babiak - Crazy For You
06 Pinhdar - Toy
07 InSammer - Forsaken By God
08 Keepers At Noon - I Want To Be Your Robot
09 Romain & The Cowboy Surfers - Yellow Shadow
10 Sheaelisa - Quasimodos Tower
11 The Heavens - Birth Of The Vampire
12 Mary May - Softest Tune
13 The Ways Of Fire - Animal
14 The Shrubs - Run Run Uma