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TODAY'S LISTENING: From Apes To Angels - Motorway (Single)

Apparently Motorway is the sixth single UK synthwave/dreampop duo From Apes To Angels, that probably explains the almost effortless delivery that cruises along with perfect precision. Good stuff.

Motorway (Radio Edit) by From Apes To Angels

TODAY'S LISTENING: DJ Reign - Social Fabric (Single)

Thumpingly good electronic track here from the UK's DJ Reign with Social Fabric - this one should certainly have you jumping about. Video and Bandcamp below.

Social Fabric by DJ Reign

VIDEO: Melisandre's Beaver - Brother (Video)

A tongue in cheek song by Melisandre's Beaver(we won't ask!) about the ridiculous man that is Hulk Hogan. This should clear out some earwax. Fun video.

TODAY'S LISTENING: Useless Cities - How To Feel (Single)

Being celebrity DJs, we were lucky enough to receive an advance promo copy of the single How To Feel by Useless Cities, so we have been playing it for a few weeks now. Glad to say that it is now available to the masses and we reckon you should certainly give it a listen. Available on Bandcamp etc.

How To Feel by Useless Cities

TODAY'S LISTENING: Gnarlah - Slave (Single)

Some fairly heavy guitar noise with a stylish production here from Brighton's Gnarlah with their third single, Slave. Turn it up!

TODAY'S LISTENING: Silona - Course of Life

A new genre to us called "folk dream pop", this is Israel's Silona with Course of Life - the description is wholly accurate and the sound really draws you in. Interesting words, thought-provoking in many ways. The abstract video is great, too.

TODAY'S LISTENING: Simon D James - Release & Repeat

Some pretty nice guitar playing on this track by Simon D James called Release & Repeat - give it a spin.

VIDEO: The Moonjacks - Bummer

We featured this track by The Moonjacks on our radio show a few weeks ago, but here's the new video, the song is called Bummer. Utter lunacy! ;-)

VIDEO: Pain in the Yeahs - Second Day Makeup

Give this a go, it is a video by Pain in the Yeahs for their latest single Second Day Makeup. We liked the inclusion of some old footage in the video, cool song too.

VIDEO: The Putney Modern - Cross Your Heart

Sort of menacing with a slightly odd (in a good way!) video, this is The Putney Modern with Cross Your Heart. Watch out for the butter!

VIDEO: Eden Cami - Searching

This is the video for Eden Cami's new single Searching - a clever visual sequence to accompany a splendidly delivered tune.

VIDEO: Machina Corde - Embryon

Possibly the most mesmerising, yet uneventful video you are likely to see. We are treating you to something ambient today with a track called Embryon by Machina Corde. A touch menacing and sort of relaxing at the same time, we like it. We also adore their artwork.

LISTENING: Ipkiss - Simple Simon

This is the second track from New Jersey's Ipkiss that we have really liked, here's Simple Simon, a psychedelic song about psilocybin (look it up!). Simple Simon says, don't put your hands on your head, give it a listen!

LISTENING: stonefromthesky - Confined

A brooding, dark instrumental called Confined by stonefromthesky (a.k.a. SFTS), the alias of Alex Zinchenko, an experimental music artist and composer based in Ukraine. Available on his latest release Schema Theory.

Schema Theory by stonefromthesky

LISTENING: Hanse - Invisible

All the way from Norway, here's some laid back electro from bedroom producer Hanse with Invisible. Pretty dreamy.

LISTENING: Piss Factory - Simplify

Thought we would share something a little more edgy with you, this is Piss Factory's latest release Simplify. It features, Thomas Blatchford on bass, our friend and colleague from Dandelion Radio. Four short tracks, no messing, straight to the point.

Simplify by piss factory

LISTENING: Braxton Hicks - Extraordinary Girl EP

Just out is a new EP called Extraordinary Girl by Delaware's Braxton Hicks - promising "jagged riffs, sweet-and-sour harmonies and Brill Building sensibilities..." it provides six tracks of slick indie pop that will certainly improve your day.

Extraordinary Girl by Braxton Hicks

LABEL RELEASE: Goofy18 - I Wanna Be An Instagrammer / Love & War

Exciting news, we have teamed-up with the magnificent Japanese label, Thomas Imposter Records, to create a new 'singles' label called Green Banana Records. Each release will showcase top music from our most favourite acts, all packaged with unique artwork in very limited collectors' editions.

We are absolutely delighted to reveal that our first release is a 7" vinyl single by the amusingly noisy Japanese band, Goofy18. Side one features I Wanna Be An Instagrammer, with the Dandelion Radio Festive 50 nominated, Love & War, on the flipside. As a special bonus, the single comes complete with a digital download of 'I Wanna Be An Instagrammer (Life As Surface Noise Remix)'.

The single is available direct from Green Banana Records and also from London's legendary Rough Trade Shop. Only 50 copies will be pressed.

I Wanna Be An Instagrammer / Love & War by Goofy18

LISTENING: Bathe - The Silence

Time for some dreampop in the form of The Silence from Bathe - a new track available from Bandcamp, Spotify etc.
Bathe is singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Bailey Crone. Bailey plays everything on the song from drums, guitar, bass, to vocals. The Silence is her debut single and lyrically it is about the feeling of being alone and how it relates to her past history with panic attacks and grieving the loss of friends and loved ones. Music boffins should be pleased to know that it is written in a mixolydian key, the song's mood is supposed to be neither happy nor sad.

One aspect that amused us is that Bathe aims to create songs you can "lay on the floor and stare at the ceiling to" - something we enjoy doing enormously, as our mansion ceilings are rather grand.

The Silence will appear on Bathe's debut LP titled Last Looks, due for release in 2020.



Please introduce yourself... 

Hi! I'm Pankin. I'm bass & vocal of GOOFY18. I'm playing with the drummer Migi. We are Tokyo based two piece rock band! And I am also an event organizer. I'm working with a team named "Main actor is U!!" Our event is small and unique!
How would you describe your music? 
Effect laden bass sounds over frantic free drumming, tied together with pretty harmonies and a power pop sensibility.

What are you doing at the moment? 
Our 7" vinyl has been released in September. We are preparing the recording for the next release. And next year, we would like to go to England, so we are collecting funds for that.

What is the best thing about making music? 

For me, that's a feeling of dissatisfaction to myself, to the environment, to the society.

You are only allowed to keep one of your tracks, which one would you choose and why? 
"LOVE&WAR". Because I want to continue exercising. Please watch…

LISTENING: Become The Sky - Aurora EP

Spinning through our ears with much glee today is Become The Sky with their new Aurora EP. Available from Bandcamp, give it a try!

Aurora by Become The Sky

LISTENING: Kyenord - Mellow Drama

Classy new release from Kyenord, a four track EP called Mellow Drama - the recordings are fairly downbeat with a very intimate feel. Excellent work, have a listen.

mellow drama by KYENORD

LABEL RELEASE: Into The Dark - Volume One

We are really pleased to announce the release of a new compilation on our own House Of Beauty Records label, called Into The Dark - Volume One, it is a splendid collection of shoegaze, goth, pop-punk and darker themed tunes.

The compilation is available to download/stream from all the main online platforms including: Bandcamp  |  Spotify  |  Apple Music  |   Amazon Music  |  YouTube  |  Smartlink
Full tracklisting:

01 Kill The Moose - From Here To Now
02 Submotile - Winter Storm Sequence
03 Polarized Eyes - Storm
04 No Exits - Catatonic
05 Swimming Pool - Stroke
06 Necroromantic - Getit
07 Summer Of Blood - Rotten Fruit
08 Digital Resistance - Out Of Sight
09 Blarg - Darkness
10 Father Of Sam - Wolves
11 Blake Day - Flame Girl
12 Kempt - Commune
13 Ipkiss - Pack It Up
14 Istanbul Hippodrome - No Way Home
15 Graphix - Cured By Poison
16 Evi Vine - Sabbath
17 Caroline Martin - Songs Of The Dead
18 Life As Surface Noise - The Last Breath

The cover image was created by the German artist D…

VIDEO: Blake Day - Flame Girl

This is the splendid stop-motion video for Blake Day's equally splendid tune, Flame Girl, one of the tracks we've included on our Into The Dark - Volume One compilation. The video was created by Vicky De Bruyne, and was premiered in June 2019 at the Berlin Female Filmmakers Festival. Top work!

 Flame Girl is the first single off the upcoming Blake Day album "Axolotl".

DANDELION RADIO: Playlist - September 2019

The playlist for our September show on Dandelion Radio includes the following acts:

Blake Day
Digital Resistance
Brian Eno With Daniel Lanois & Roger Eno
Just Mustard
The Killers
Kill The Moose
Mecha Elvis & Fujiyama Panic
Network 23
Ogikubo Station
Kath Tait

With Istanbul Hippodrome in session.

Catch it at various times on Dandelion Radio, here's the schedule.