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TODAY'S LISTENING: Into The Dark - Volume One

As it is Halloween today, we thought we might as well share our own label relaese - the devilishly brilliant Into The Dark - Volume One compilation. It is a perfect soundtrack for tonight's ghostly happenings - available on Spotify etc. No filler, all killer. Whaahahahahaha!

#Halloween2019 #SpookyMusic #Goth #AlternativeMusic #HalloweenSoundtrack

Into The Dark - Volume One by Various Artists

TODAY'S LISTENING: The Equatorial Group

The Equatorial Group are from our hometown and they have an excellent new album out called Falling Sands, the follow-up to their last album, Apricity, which we played a fair amount on our Dandelion Radio show.
The band feature Twe Fox (keys & vocals), Andy Tourle (bass & vocals), Dave Davies (guitar & vocals), Mike Tourle and Neil Grimes (drums) and Helen Weeks (vocals & pedal steel/guitar). They produce "a gentle landscape of sparkling harmonies or a thirst-inducing ramshackle racket, as the moment takes them".

Falling Sands is one of those albums which you can happily listen to on repeat, over and over again. The front cover of the album depicts a view from Eastbourne's Cavendish Hotel, a place we know well and we may even have stayed in that very same room.

Go grab a coffee, sit down and take a listen.

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Falling Sands by The Equatorial Group

TODAY'S LISTENING: Aero2graph - Rainbow Paradise

Today we have a vista of gorgeous synth sounds from Aero2graph with Rainbow Paradise. Aero2graph is electronic music composer and producer Mario Rosanda, who is currently working out of a small home studio "POD" in Vinkuran, a Croatian village. Sounds lovely, just like his track.

#NewMusic #Blog #Recommended #ElectonicMusic #DanceMusic #BigSynths

Rainbow Paradise by aero2graph

TODAY'S LISTENING: Jack Bones - Tensión

Some old school tech house for you today in the form of Tensión by Jack Bones, a chap from Colombia. It is lifted from his Ataraxia Mixtape album and very good it is, too. Start jigging!

#NewMusic #Blog #Recommended #TechHouse #ElectronicMusic #DanceMusic

DANDELION RADIO: November Playlist

Coming up on our November show for Dandelion Radio we are delighted to have music from the following spiffing acts:

Alice Hubble
Augustus Pablo
Become The Sky
DJ Reign
Ebony Steel Band
Life As Surface Noise
New Wolves
Piss Factory
The Beatbox Saboteurs
The Equatorial Group
Tubeway Army
Useless Cities

More info here

TODAY'S LISTENING: Halfbeak - I'll Be Your One-Way Mirror

Time for something a little more oddball today, we have Australia's Halfbeak with I'll Be Your One-Way Mirror. Taken from the new album Innocent Bystander, this track should hopefully have you scratching your head a fair amount, but we must say it does have a brilliant, weird charm - even better it has a video using loads of old film footage. A perfect combination.
#IndieMusic #NewMusic #Blog #Recommended #Weird #Alternative #ExperimentalMusic

TODAY'S LISTENING: Åyusp - Trans-Edale Express

Some rather spiffing electronica for you today in the form of Trans-Edale Express by Åyusp.

Åyusp (pronounced "Oy-usp") is an experimental electronica outfit consisting of two Sheffield based musicians, Graham McElearney (who has previously worked with bands such as Regal Worm, Amorphous Androgynous, In The Nursery, Animat and Reverend & The Makers) and Paul Mills (formally a member of PsychoAcoustic SoundClash and The Weird & The Wonderful).

The band formed out of a shared affection for German electronic music of the Seventies, fusing these influences with an equal passion for ambient, classical, industrial and contemporary dance music.

In addition to working on their self-released debut album, Åyusp, they have also been doing a bit of audio archaeology recreating an excerpt from Tangerine Dream's 1975 York Minster gig. This piece was recently played by Stuart Maconie on his BBC 6 Music "Freak Zone" show.

If you like your retro synths, we think you…

LIFE AS SURFACE NOISE: Portrait Of An Artist

Delighted to bring you our new track today, recorded as part of our Life As Surface Noise project here is Portrait Of An Artist featuring our sonic chanteuse, Stacey. There's also an electro remix to tickle your ears. Hope you like it!

Portrait Of An Artist by Life As Surface Noise

TODAY'S LISTENING: Jaelee Small - TicToc

Taken from the new EP Memoirs (Part II) this is a super track by Jaelee Small called TicToc. It has a wonderfully expressive vocal and some clever production, sounding simple but quite intricate at the same time. The EP is part of a harmony-soaked concept album through a timeline of a teenage youth. Enjoy!
#indiesoul #newmusic #recommended #blog #undertheradar #pop #alternative

<a href="">Memoirs (part ii) by Jaelee Small</a>


Something a little darker for you today, we have Blume with a track called Rewind. Blume are a Post-Punk/Shoegaze band from Edmonton, Canada and this song really impressed us with its gentle menace. Taken from their Days Go Slowly EP, which was apparently recorded on a Tascam multi-track in a spare bedroom, we rather like their sound. Please indulge yourselves!

#alternative #shoegaze #postpunk #blog #newmusic #recommended

&amp;amp;lt;a href=""&amp;amp;gt;Days Go Slowly by Blume&amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;gt;

TODAY'S LISTENING: Charlotte Rosse - Pray To You

Today we have a BIG pop production for you from Charlotte Rosse with Pray To You - performed like a sassy James Bond theme, the dynamics in the production and soaring vocal should flood your speakers. We are looking forward to the video which should be coming out next month. If it is anything like the gorgeous promo photos, then it should be terrific.

TODAY'S LISTENING: Grand Sun - Feeling Tired

This video for Feeling Tired by Portugal's Grand Sun really amused us, so we thought we would share it with you. It is sort of 60s garage rock with a big, sunshine grin. The song is really catchy and includes the line "Honey bunny, I love you so much..." so how can you resist?

#60s #rock #alternative #garagerock #indierock #Lisbon #IndieMusic #NewMusic #Blog #Recommended #Rock #Alternative

TODAY'S LISTENING: AR2R-R - Core Rectifier

Today we have some slick industrial electronica for you from AR2R-R with a corking track called Core Rectifier. Turn the volume up.

#IndieMusic #NewMusic #Blog #Recommended #Rock #Alternative #Industrial #ElectronicMusic

TODAY'S LISTENING: Rx27 - Gasoline ft. Rikk Agnew

This is great, Gasoline by Rx27 featuring special guest guitarist Rikk Agnew is a proper burn-out with everything firing on all cylinders. Rx27 are from LA and they hit the sweet spot from the very beginning with a combination of feverish goth guitars, punchy percussion and catchy vocal interplay. A perfect place to stop for a post-punk top-up.
#goth #gothpunk #punk #postpunk #newmusic #IndieMusic #NewMusic #Blog #Recommended #Alternative

Gasoline ft. Rikk Agnew by Rx27

TODAY'S LISTENING: Classy Joanzy - Sabado Gigante

Something to really get under your skin today, we have Milwaukee's Classy Joanzy with Sabado Gigante from the All Filler, No Killer EP. Play it once and you'll be humming it all day. Enjoy!

#IndieMusic #NewMusic #Blog #Recommended #Rock #Alternative

<a href="">All Filler, No Killer (EP) by Classy Joanzy</a>

TODAY'S LISTENING: Gracie Martin & The So Beautifuls - Like Falling Asleep

Here's Gracie Martin & The So Beautifuls with an interesting song called Like Falling Asleep, the production and arrangement is rather quirky and we love that aspect. The song is full of twists and turns but everything is held together superbly by the Grace's playfully expressive vocal. Give it a listen!

#folkpop #pop #fantasyfolk #singersongwriter #newmusic #IndieMusic #NewMusic #Blog #Recommended #Alternative

Like Falling Asleep by Gracie Martin & The So Beautifuls

TODAY'S LISTENING: Burger Chef - I Thought This Guy Was Wearing A Grey Leather Jacket But It Turned Out He Was Topless

Debut release from Burger Chef called I Thought This Guy Was Wearing A Grey Leather Jacket But It Turned Out He Was Topless gives you less than 40 seconds of noise, so play on repeat. No flipside, no filler, but we hear the guitarist has nice buns. Iggy would be proud. Take away a copy now, it is fast and it is free.

I Thought This Guy Was Wearing A Grey Leather Jacket But It Turned Out He Was Topless by Burger Chef

TODAY'S LISTENING: DJ Stoek - Andy Warhol

LA's DJ Stoek presents a short but sweet slice of electro inspired by Andy Warhol, worth hearing just for the amusing intro. It ends quite abruptly, just like fame. Personally, we would have made it 15 minutes long. ;-)

Andy Warhol by DJ STOEK

TODAY'S LISTENING: Touboura - A 5th Element (Single)

We have something rather different today, an intriguing track called A 5th Element by Touboura, who describes herself as an audiovisual magic spell maker. Combining natural sounds with electronic components and other oddities, the live recording is a terrific tapestry of texture and elements.
The video was filmed on the mystic island of Samothrace, Greece and depicts a live music performance inside Touboura's in-situ installation in a river and in the exhibition space on the island.

Samothrace is known to be an ancient sacred place where paganistic ceremonies of fertility took place, gathering people from all over ancient Greece.

Visit for more details.

<a href="">A 5th Element by TOUBOURA</a>

TODAY'S LISTENING: Daniel Quasar - Mortal Engine

From Portland, Oregon (USA) this is Daniel Quasar with Mortal Engine, an electro track full of big, beautiful synths and that certainly tickles our ears. Please give it a spin.

#IndieMusic #NewMusic #Blog #Recommended #Alternative #ElectronicMusic #Electro

Mortal Engine by Daniel Quasar

TODAY'S LISTENING: 3 Pipe Problem - Stuck

Today we have some music from Brazil, a band called 3 Pipe Problem with a song called Stuck, apparently it is about being lazy, a concept of which we have no knowledge - we call it "leisure-time". Taken from their album Elephant in the Room (hence the amusing artwork!), it starts reasonably "leisurely" before exploding into life. Enjoy!

#IndieMusic #NewMusic #Blog #Recommended #Rock #Alternative #Brazil

TODAY'S LISTENING: Tokyo Chikatetsu Vol. 2 (Compilation)

From the ever-wonderful Thomas Imposter Records of Japan, this is the second volume of their Tokyo Chikatetsu compilation, which showcases emerging underground acts from around Tokyo. We completely love this album and have been spinning quite a few tracks from it on our Dandelion Radio Show. Pin back your ears and enjoy the crazy sounds of Tokyo!

#IndieMusic #NewMusic #Blog #Recommended #JapaneseMusic #Punk #PostPunk #Japan #UnderTheRadar #Tokyo
Tokyo Chikatetsu Vol. 2 by Various artists

TODAY'S LISTENING: Ward - Swimming (Video)

Solid track and video here from Ward with Swimming, sort of electro-pop meets 1990s indie. Lovely beach in the video, our one is all stones, rotting fish and seaweed-covered plastic bottles.

TODAY'S LISTENING: Strange Weather - Coaccidents

Today we have Strange Weather with Coaccidents. Strange Weather is the experimental-pop project of Sean Brennan, a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist.

Sean has been diagnosed with a rare genetic eye disease called Choroideremia, and he is gradually going blind. After a few years of accelerated vision loss, in 2014 Sean moved to the beach near Assateague Island, Maryland, where he built a studio and began work on a full length album, Suspending Disbelief. Coaccidents was the first single and won First Prize in the Great American Songwriting Contest.

Strange Weather aims to provide timeless classics, embodied as romantic psychedelia – cinematic daydreams with echoes of Talking Heads, Pink Floyd, and Esquivel. Be sure to give it a listen!

#IndieMusic #NewMusic #Blog #Recommended #Psychedelia

TODAY'S LISTENING: Marlenarium - Suzanne

Suzanne by Marlenarium is written by from the perspective of a book character (The Girls by Emma Cline). A young girl is way more fascinated by the young woman, called Suzanne, who got her into the cult, than the cult leader himself, who is admired by all.

Marlenarium is Marlene from Munich, as you will hear she creates rather wonderfully textured home recordings full of charm. Great vocals too!

#Bedroompop #lofi #IndieMusic #NewMusic #Blog #Recommended #EmmaCline

TODAY'S LISTENING: New Wolves - Influencer

Another glorious tune from New Wolves, this one is called Influencer and once again it sounds effortlessly brilliant. Short, catchy and lovingly crafted - highly recommended by us.

#Electro #IndieMusic #NewMusic #Blog #Recommended

Influencer by New Wolves

TODAY'S LISTENING: Luca Vasta - Scenes (Video)

We have a great pop track today, one with a really dramatic quality to the production. This is Berlin-based artist Luca Vasta with her new song Scenes. We recommend that you watch the video, it is really well put together.

TODAY'S LISTENING: Plotz - Not Alone (Single)

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Plotz is a project by Yonatan Rotem and his many friends. This is their second single Not Alone, it has a definite nod to some of the better music from the 80s. Something we endorse.

Not Alone by Plotz

TODAY'S LISTENING: New Wolves - Same 2 Songs (Video)

Another great video to share with you, today we have the mighty New Wolves with a fascinating and clever video for Same 2 Songs, a top tune in our opinion.

TODAY'S LISTENING: The Bergamot - Bones (Video)

This is the second time we have featured The Bergamot and once again they have created something rather special, a track called Bones. The video is a beautifully filmed, visual treat and works perfectly with the graceful yet thought-provoking song.

Nathaniel of The Bergamot has said of the track "The opening lines of Bones are the first words I told my brother after he had checked out of rehab for the 2nd time. My family had to intervene in a suicide attempt on Christmas Day 2016. 3 months later, we sat together on the banks of Lake Michigan as he first listened to Bones. With tears streaming down his face he said, "I want to send this song to all my friends at rehab" My brother is alive to this day. Bones speaks the truth with love; we can't just run from our burdens.