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LABEL RELEASE: Players - Volume One

After a few issues, we are happy to say that our first compilation Players - Volume One is now available on all the main platforms including Spotify. Released via our own micro-label, House Of Beauty Records, the album features tracks from some of the acts that we have been playing on our Dandelion Radio show.

The purpose of the album is to help spread the word about all the acts, all we ask is; if you like the music, please support the acts' own releases.

The compilation is available to download/stream from all the main online platforms including:

Bandcamp  |  Spotify  |  Apple Music  |   Amazon Music  |

Here's the tracklisting:
01 Deaf - Dead End
02 Knightingale - White Shadow
03 Our Echoes Scream - Reminiscence
04 Woeful Bat - Ambedo
05 Michal Towber + AR - The Crash
06 The Sun Aesthetic - Fall
07 Green Blanket - Beetlejuice/Betelgeuse
08 Teenage Wedding - Wow! Signal
09 Mavissing! - Eye of Ra
10 Kh3rtis - Sunbeam Suspension
11 Ivatu - I'm Her
12 Aunt Tabby - Морфин