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LISTENING: Necroromantic - Getit

We love a slab of industrial noise and here's a track called 'Getit' by Necroromantic - top stuff! There's an amusing coincidence about the wallpaper in the image, but that explanation will have to wait for the moment.

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VIDEO: Digital Resistance - Out of Sight (OOS)

We rather like Digital Resistance's track 'Out of Sight (OOS)' - here's the video. Their tagline is: "A new band, a new movement, born to resist, live to fight against fascism." So, that gets a big tick.
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LISTENING: Chris Avetta - Forest for the Trees

Here's a beautiful new track for you by Chris Avetta, perfect for relaxing on a sunny afternoon. Grab it now from Bandcamp.

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Forest for the Trees by Chris Avetta

LISTENING: Sølvkre - Evig Mørke

We have really enjoyed listening to Sølvkre's album Evig Mørke, wonderfully dark and mysterious with moments of beauty, all the way from Norway.

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Evig Mørke by Sølvkre

LISTENING: The Barbarian Horde - The Great Book Of British Birds

The Barbarian Horde have a new track out and as we were friends of the late, great Ronnie Ronalde, anything bird-related always makes us chirpy. Enjoy!

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LISTENING: Ipkiss - Pack It Up

This is a great track called 'Pack It Up' from Ipkiss, a band from New Jersey - go grab it from Bandcamp.

Pack it Up by Ipkiss

LISTENING: No Exits - Catatonic / Pressure

It was their track 'Catatonic' which caught our attention, but here's a video by a new band to us called No Exits.

If you'd like to hear Catatonic, you'll find it here - good stuff!

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Please introduce yourselves... 

Ricardo - I am Ricardo Autobahn, notably of the Cuban Boys and Spray, one-time Eurovision entrant and friend of Wilf Breadbin from CBBC.
Jenny - I am Jenny McLaren, notably of the Cuban Boys and Spray, vocalist on DJ Daz's 'The Woah Song' and friend of Crabb E. Crab from CBBC.
How would you describe your music? 
Ricardo - With difficulty.
Jenny - "Colourful new wave synth pop" usually covers it.

What are you doing at the moment? 
Ricardo - The endless album/touring cycle.

What is the best thing about making music? 
Ricardo - There are no positives.

You are only allowed to keep one of your tracks, which one would you choose and why? 
Ricardo - Teenage Life - the song I wrote (and Spray performed) with Daz Sampson at Eurovision 2006. For the money.
Jenny - I Am Gothic. It's our theme tune and, so far, is fantastic to sing live.

How involved are you in the creative process surrounding your releases?  
Ricardo - Pr…