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Here's confirmation of the playlist for our March show on Dandelion Radio
You can still listen/download it here

Network 23 - Firecracker
Romain and the Cowboy Surfers - Yellow Shadow
Adwaith - Y Diweddaraf
Los Blancos - Cadw Fi Lan
wht.rbbt.obj - Silence
Gránat - Oy U Divoyky
Sir Robert Orange Peel - Scammer
Zolton - Noise Electric
Elektric Animals - Wake Up The Ghost
Aloysius Scrimshaw - Racist Ghost
Ivory! - You
One Friend - Sharks
Bo-Peep - Hello
Anone - Kikurage
Plastics - Delicious
Emulsion - Dream Encyclopedia
Phnom Penh Model - Speed
Zarigani$ - Monster
Astro-B - Never Ending Fucking Story
Keepers At Noon - I Want to Be Your Robot
Istanbul Hippodrome - Dreamland
Maigin Blank - Love Will Tear Us Apart
Xqui - Epiphany
The Heavens - Birth of the Vampire
Kibrom Birhane - Eskista
Life As Surface Noise - The Night Watchman (Part 3)
Joe Loss & His Orchestra - Tiggerty Boo