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PODCAST: New Episode On The Casimir Engine

I have put together a quick podcast for The Casimir Engine featuring some of the spiffing new music that I have been spinning on my Edi over the last few weeks. The featured compilation comes courtesy of the excellent Thomas Imposter Records and you'll hear top tunes from Istanbul Hippodrome, The Idiot Nasty Group, Gray de Pape, Anergy, Polarized Eyes, Rickerly, Exito and The Jungles!!! I do ramble on about butterflies and skirting-boards, but you can ignore all that.

The full playlist is:

Anergy feat Ash Vapor - Society
Exito - Attention
Gray de Pape - Once We Were Dreamers
The Idiot Nasty Group - Treat Me Like a Queen
Istanbul Hippodrome - Split Personality
Istanbul Hippodrome - Batch Swetch
The Jungles!!! - Boozer
Polarized Eyes - Inferno
Rickerly - The Stem Grows from the Cranium

Available from The Casimir Engine