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RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Got.Knees - Love Battle (A Century of Middle Class Love)

Inspired by the events of World War I, the track contemplates pointless loss of many lives, futile sacrifice and the individual tragedy of millions. 
Got.Knees is a UK-based solo project that makes strikingly intense yet melancholic music – a fusion of distortion-heavy guitars and whispering vocals that contemplate the state of inner self.
Through interwoven sound effects, Got.Knees creates melancholic, reflective and eerie tones. Obsessed with every detail, Got.Knees explores the boundaries of alternative rock and ambient electronic music, entering its own space – lyrically and musically.
Following a debut album Horror Vacui released in 2011, the solo act returns with newly inspired singles: The Ceiling, Read The Words, Bugs and Snails, and The Slide which unveil a complex and deeply emotional combination of sounds.
Got.Knees is currently working on new material and will soon be releasing new music which superimposes structure and chaos, sadness and hope, existence and nonentity.