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RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Psyrena - Rainbows & Unicorns

London-based Electronic Art Pop artist Psyrena aka Madeleine Wise offers a unique mix of electronica, cinematic scores and pop music. Blessed with a voice that can soothe or cut like a knife, she is both artist and storyteller, relating life's beauty and pain through her music, fables and imagery.

'Rainbows & Unicorns' is a highly infectious electro-pop anthem with a clear message to embrace diversity. Borne out of the frustrations of social distancing Madeleine Wise uses her imagination to enter an inner Technicolor dream world depicted in her wonderfully psychedelic video featuring a multi-instrumentalist octopus, her friend Mr. Bear and the ever so beautiful singing Flowerettes.

Having worked as a producer on Cartoon Network and [adult swim] animation, Manga and comic strips seem the perfect visual medium - Psyrena becomes her musical avatar. 

Madeleine explains:
"I grew up devouring MTV & Nickelodeon. Right now we need to bring people together, not physically but in spirit. We're like the colours of a rainbow, so let's celebrate our differences. We need mutual respect, unity ... and unicorns!"