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RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Demeter - The Bit, The Bridle

Demeter are Kate Rivera, Ian McNally, Dan Bloch, Tim Bustle and John Mason.

"The Bit, The Bridle" is an apocalyptic dance-rock track reminiscent of The Strokes and Sunflower Bean with a chorus that makes you move. A catchy gem meant to get you through the nights that feel like the end of the world -- the chorus says, "Hold me like glass when it all goes down, 'cause it all goes down someday." It's about the voice of self-sabotage, turmoil, change, fear, and how we can turn to each other in vulnerability to overcome anything. “The Bit, The Bridle” is the follow up to the single “Rosa” and the second track of the upcoming The Year of Goodbye, an EP that deals with figuring out one’s path through story, song, and poetry, while mixed-race, female, and living in tumultuous times.