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RECOMMENDED LISTENING: Hannah Stannard - Problems (The Acoustic)

Hannah Stannard - Problems (The Acoustic)
"My debut single 'Problems - The Acoustic' is probably one of the quickest songs I have written to date. I remember sitting down in my bedroom with just my guitar and some chords. I had so much to say that I had been feeling for such a long time I just didn't know how to say it. Then all of a sudden the lyrics and the melody was all there. I knew as soon as I wrote it this had to be one of the first songs I release as an Independent Artist. I hope people can connect to this song on as deep of a level as I did. It definitely helped me out of a rough patch. Seeing this song come to life has been one of the best parts for me with this track and I can't thank everyone enough who has streamed and downloaded it already. So a big massive thank you from me!"