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TODAY'S LISTENING: Monalia - Somebody Else

Today we have a slinky pop tune called Somebody Else from the band, Monalia. The song is about finding yourself and the person you always thought you would be. When you wake up, realizing you have lost yourself on the way, and find that you are trapped in a prison of life limitations that you have created for yourself.

Monalia are a Norwegian indie-band with a characteristic dreamy and melancholic style. Their songs stretch from the dark and mystical, to the dreamy and melodic, inspired by the everyday joys and struggles we face as human beings. They call their unique style of music "mountain surf", an alternative rock genre influenced by the Norwegian nature, as well as music spanning the 1960s to 1990s.

Somebody Else is a classy tune, well produced with that wonderful Scandi freshness about it - have a listen!