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We are ending the month with a track called The Fix, the debut single from San Francisco based experimental punk/grunge band, Burd

Inspired by elements of shoegaze, 90s grunge and their general love for the macabre they provide this rather complete explanation about the track: "Dark and ethereal, this song transports you to the world in which you must inevitably face your shadows. It tells a tragic tale of feverish toxic love, escapism, hedonism, chasing extreme highs to mask the lowest lows. Have you made it to the pits of rock bottom? Do you want to somebody to meet you there? Welcome, come and join me. Together we can perpetuate the illusion, never admitting that we siphon our love from a finite dwindling well. How long can you make it last? Every last drop! Lets stay in purgatory as long as we can because even death is better then letting the fantasy slip through the cracks. Just one more hit please. Open to interpretation..."

We certainly love the combination of styles and this is a corking starting point for the band. We're already looking forward to future releases, but in the meantime - enjoy!